Wiki Projects

This page lists our current priorities, in descending importance. Please help out if you can!

The Web MiniDisc Pro guide desperately needs updating to version 1.4.2, and continuing to divide it into unique pages vs one overwhelming page. This is complete, although some more tweaks for readability or correcting typos may be needed.

The Getting Started guide is also getting unwieldy and should be divided into pages, possibly merging Buyer's Guide and Buying from Japan.

Missing pages: Pages missing

Also cleanup of media file locations (media isn't moved when a page is, and the BatchEdit plugin is clunky)

Plus stub pages: Page status

Move Resources section into Guides and Technology? May need to use redirect plugin.

Accordion sidebar would be nice, seems to be broken in Bootstrap3 plugin. Need to check for fixes occasionally.

Press & Marketing

Need to gather ads and newspaper articles. This has potential to be a much larger part of the site.

MiniDisc releases

We have a large number, but can (never mind should) we even try to “compete” with Discogs? Still want to promote people doing MD stuff, but not sure how to do so most effectively.

There must be better solutions.

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