I said we wouldn't be doing as many Wiki updates yet here we are again…

Several big topics to cover: new wiki server; embeds for social media; disc database; 1800 equipment pages; upcoming development breakthroughs; and Electronicon 3

The new version of Dokuwiki was just released, and that seemed like a very good time to upgrade the server to something more powerful, with more storage space. The software stack is now more secure and better documented rather than the pre-built package we were using before.

With some help from Redditor rosco_pc, things are working well. Please let us know if anything is broken or malfunctioning.

Blank links no more! Any link to the wiki on social media now shows a summary with an image, just like Reddit and Facebook links, among others, do. Unfortunately the image preview for equipment pages uses the first image in the body rather than the infobox, and some text previews are cut short, but it's much better than just a link.

Sadly, the MiniDiscDB blanks database we've been referring to has been down for several months and we haven't heard from the admin, despite trying.

Because of this, we've relaunched our Blank Disc database and there's an easy-to-use form to add a page for any disc types you have. Please help us build the disc database as you have the equipment database!

That's right, we now have over 1800 devices listed in our equipment database. As we've said before, this is so far beyond what we ever expected, and over double the incredible .org site. I didn't even know so many pieces of MD equipment existed! Thanks again to everyone who contributes new pages and fixes things, no matter how big or small. Each of you are a huge reason why this community and its resources are so amazing.

The MD developer community is so incredibly gifted and is still hard at work making improvements to their projects, such as Web MiniDisc Pro. I'll leave it to the developers to announce their progress, but let's just say… Gotta go fast!

I'm also near the end of a complete rewrite of our Web MiniDisc (Pro) Guide, which I hope will be an exhaustive documentation of all features of the app, including new ones as they're released. It still needs some sections filled in and a lot more screenshots, so if you want to contribute - please do!

The Vaporwave (and adjacent) music scene has a big overlap with MiniDisc, and we're so grateful to have several record labels releasing on MD, both building awareness of the format and giving us exciting new albums to buy.

This weekend (August 20th 2022) is Electronicon 3, the largest vaporwave concert and meetup in the world. Both myself (SpecialK) and another Wiki leader will be at the show and tape swap to promote MiniDisc, the community, and our 30th Anniversary event. We'll also be meeting up with the organizers of the past MD Day events to get on the same page and work together to make this birthday celebration a success.

If you're in NYC this weekend, reach out and say hi!

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