Sony RM-MC11EL


Manufacturer Sony
Description Portable MD Remote Control
Price (JPY) 4 500
Dimensions 15.0 × 88.5 × 22.0mm, 0.8m Cord
Weight 25g
Connector 3.5mm Aux with Sony Remote connector
Built-in radioNo
Supports kanji No
Bundled with

Sony ecat page. Supplied with MZ-R900, MZ-R909, MZ-N1(US/EU Model), MZ-R910, MZ-E900, MZ-E700, MZ-E707, MZ-E909, MZ-E505 as well as some CD players. 9 character display w/ smooth scrolling. DOES have a backlight, unlike the RM-MC10L. MSRP 4,725 yen.

Buttons range from change of display (track/disc title–if any, track time), play modes, repeat, sound mode, pause. Special twist knob on top of remote; twisting it 'up' or 'down' changes tracks |< or >|. pulling it out gives access to volume - and +. Circular Stop button on very top of remote on the twist knob. Hold switch opposite of the 5 buttons.

Will not work with the settings menu on the E710 series. Only functions as a remote.

Additional info from Discussion.

Compatible models: MD Walkman: MZ-N1 / R910 / R909 / R900 / E909 / E900 / E707 / E700 / E606W / E600 / E505 / E501 / E500

It will work with the following model but without backlight or repeat functions: MZ-R50 / R30 / R5ST / R4ST / E50 / E35 / E30 / E25 / EP10 / EPS11.

CD Walkman: D-EJ1000 / E999 / EJ955 / E888 / EJ855 / E777 / CJ01

Sony Walkman Catalog 08-2006 remotes

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