Sony RM-MC11EL


Manufacturer Sony
Description Portable MD Remote Control
Release date
Price (JPY) 4 500
Dimensions 15.0 × 88.5 × 22.0mm, 0.8m Cord
Weight 25g
Connector 3.5mm Aux with Sony Remote connector
Built-in radioNo
Supports kanji No
Bundled with
Supported by MZ-N1, MZ-N10, MZ-N505, MZ-N510, MZ-N707, MZ-N710, MZ-N910, MZ-N920, MZ-R900, MZ-R909, MZ-R910
Not supported by AM-CL33, AM-HX100, AM-HX150, AM-HX200, AM-HX3, AM-HX55, AM-HX70, AM-HX77, AM-NX1, AM-NX9, AM-X1, BR-NX8, CMT-C5, CMT-C7NT, DMC-G3, DMC-J3, DMC-L3, DMC-L5, DMD-201SA, FR-B7, FR-B8, FR-N7, FR-N7X, FR-N9, FR-N9X, FR-V5, FS-V9MD, KT-XM52, LAM-Z03, LAM-Z05, LAM-Z1, LAM-Z10, MD-133, MD-R2, MD-ST770, MDS-E12, MDS-JB980, MDS-JE530, MDS-JE630, MDS-JE780, MDS-NT1, MDS-S500, CMT-SE9, MDX-C150, MDX-C8000, MDX-CA790X, MJ-L1, MX-S7WMD, MZ-1, MZ-2P, MZ-B10, MZ-B100, MZ-B3, MZ-B50, MZ-DH10P, MZ-E2, MZ-E20, MZ-E310, MZ-E33, MZ-S1, SJ-MJ50, SJ-MJ15, SJ-MJ88, SJ-MJ90, MZ-E55, UX-A70MD

Backlit remote, supports newer remote capable devices.

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