Event planning

This page is a work in progress.

There is already a “MiniDisc Day” - it was held on March 7th 2020 and June 5th 2021. Both featured a large drop of new album releases. Changing the date between years may have caused some loss in momentum, though.

It would be best if all actors in the community (ourselves included) agreed on a consistent annual date and coordinated our events accordingly. The date of the 30th anniversary may be the best to use, but we are flexible with the rest of the scene.

According to Engadget Japan, the MZ-1 was released on November 1st 1992.

  • Do we have other verification of that?
  • Can we find when it was announced, and is that a better “day” than November?
  • When was it released in the US, or other regions?
  • Giveaways of discs, album releases, and merchandise.
    • Custom merch for the 30th?
  • Photo competitions, especially those with MZ-1s!

There are a number of things we need to do to organize this kind of event:

  • Decide on a preferred date
  • Reach out to record labels, content creators, disc printers, and other MD communities to bring them onboard
  • Catalog what everyone is doing for the day
  • Promote the event via social media
  • Organize logistics for shipping items to giveaway winners

This page is our landing area for documenting all things related to this event, and we are currently expanding it to a full wiki namespace.

If you are somehow involved with MD or the MD scene, please contact us to work together!

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