I didn't have a MiniDisc player in 1992, however was listening to a lot of music on CD at the time. In Hobart, (Tasmania, Australia) where I lived, high school went from grade 7 through to grade 10. You would then go to a matriculation college (matric, or just college) for your final two years of schooling.

I was in grade 12 at college and had recently got my very own CD player for my 18th birthday. My parents also gave me Blood Sugar Sex Magik by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and this got played a lot.

My favourite bands at the time were the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N' Roses and Faith No More. These bands feature heavily in my tracklisting.

Technical Information

The source material for these discs was mostly FLACs or Apple Lossless files, many of which were ripped from CDs I own. They were recorded to MiniDisc in SP mode via an MDS-S500 deck with NetMD over USB. I recently found one of my original MDS-60 minidiscs that I purchased in the 1990s, and the disc has a nice patina from years of use in my MZ-R50. The second disc in the box set is a new Soni Neige 80-minute disc. This was also recorded in the S500 via USB, but in LP2 mode to cram as much as I could onto the disc. I'm not sure the protective case on the MDS-60 disc is the original one however - the original case would have long been lost to time.

I used the MiniDisc box set template from u/h8Maplesyrup and added a combination of my own artwork, trying to keep it period correct, and a selection of album covers.


Confession: I cheated. I was having so much fun going back over the music I was listening to during these formative years that I simply could not restrict myself to just 60 or even 74 minutes. While my musical tastes have changed significantly over the past 30 years, this music still holds a place in my heart.

I made one disc 100% as per the rules - an original 60-minute Sony disc I owned in the 90s, and put all the music on in SP format. I then put all the left-overs on a second 80-minute Neige disc that was purchased recently from Japan, and in order for it to all fit, it's recorded in LP mode. I still feel that this is in keeping with the spirit of the disc swap - even if the recipient's equipment can't play MDLP, they can still listen to the first disc which is totally compliant with the requirements of the swap.

Once the recipient has the disc, I'll update this post with the tracklisting. Don't zoom too closely into the photos below if you don't want to see the tracklisting on Disc 1.

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