This page will contain random links to various sources with pricing/release dates on MD discs

Sharp claims 1 million MD units shipped by Sept - 1996

Sharp claims 5 million MD units shipped by November, 1998

Sonly claims > 1 billion MD Discs sold by 2001

A good MD Blank Gallery Gary from Minneapolis Gallery

MD Disc Press Releases:

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a few example news links:

Sony Color collection Press Release

Sony MD2000 Sony Drive MD media Sony late MD part#'s

Sony productpark list of older discs with model#'s and some pictures example: bianca example: md2000

many of the above products show up here without more info

MD-74DBL color series TDK expands MD production from 3 million discs per year to 4.6 million November 1998

Victor D-Cruise Press Release Victor MD-74EBL Victor Pokopo Victor Air press Victor Air product page

A good thread on linking tons of MD disc info

Beyond MD: Projects of the future

Sony Press release of "quadruple density MD" 650mb MD Data - Sharp was rumored to be developing 980MB and 3.6GB MD-data drives for introduction in 1998

Fujitsu and Sony jointly develop 1.3GB 3.5 inch MO Max expected capacity of 3GB with 5GB expected. Capable of reading and writing existing 3.5 inch MO disks of 128/230/540/640MB.

Sharp/Sony collaborate in 2000 to make a 50.8mm disc that can record 1 gigabyte (1 GB) using a red laser (wavelength of 655 nm) and 2 gigabytes (2 GB) or more using a blue laser (wavelength of 405 nm)

Mammos to deliver 20 times the storage capacity of CD-ROM Sanyo Mammos Press Release

SANYO, OLYMPUS and Hitachi Maxell Develop A Next Generation High Capacity Media for Use with Digital Still Cameras World's smallest 50mm magneto-optical disk

Sanyo created iD Photo 50mm magneto optical discs for camera use The only camera to use it was the IDC-1000z - pic archive

2002 Kenwood / NHK project to use Blu-Violet 2 beam pickup with "phase change" optical discs. - Probably some form of CD-RW but shows the state of optical research in 2002.

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