Manufacturer Aiwa
Released 2000/04
Device type bookshelf
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Dimensions 260 W x 326.5 H x 348 D (mm)
Weight 8200
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 100
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥49 800
Inputs RCA in, CD, Tape deck

Aiwa CX-NHG5MD. XR-HG5MD is written on the main body.

Main Features
* Built-in Subwoofer System and Multi-Amplifier System
The built-in subwoofer speaker system enhances low-range sound, because low-frequency signals are transmitted from a separate amplifier and reproduced in a separate subwoofer cavity in the speaker cabinet. The result is clearer, richer bass reproduction than conventional bass-reflex systems, without affecting mid- to high-range signals.

The XR-HG5MD is equipped with four power amplifiers - two separate left/right circuits for low-range and mid-and high-range signals. (Low-range circuit: 45W/channel, mid-and high-range circuit: 15W/channel). The multi-amplifier system offers two main improvements over conventional systems with only left/right amplifiers: less interference between low- and high-range signals, and more precise filter characteristics, which result in improved reproduction of low-, mid- and high-frequency ranges. The XR-HG5MD also features a 3-way speaker system (Low-range circuit: subwoofer, mid-and high-range circuit: full-range loudspeaker and supertweeter).

* High-powered 120W amplifier reproduces dynamic sound.
* QSURROUND offers natural stereophonic surround effects.
* “T-Bass” ensures powerful low-range sound reproduction.
* Multi-function MD deck ensures precise recording and editing
(1) Direct recording (all programs/one program) from CD to MD.
(2) “Single hit” recording for one track from CD to MD
(3) Simultaneous recording from CD to MD and cassette
(4) Full editing functions (divide, combine, move, erase)
(5) Monaural extended recording mode allows recording up to 160 minutes on an 80-minute MD.
(6) Double-speed playback function ensures faster, more efficient program selection.
(7) Multi jog dial allows simple inputting of up to 50 alphanumeric or kana characters.
(8) 30-track MD program playback/random playback
(9) Display shows remaining MD recording time
(10) Auto mark, time mark, and manual mark functions for MD recording
(11) High-quality sound 20 bit A/D, D/A converter
* Sampling rate converter for digital recording from BS/CS digital broadcasts and DAT to MD.
* Three CD auto changer
(1) Disc change function: The other two CDs can be changed while another CD plays.
(2) Disc direct function: A designated CD can be played immediately.
(3) Other functions include continuous playback of three CDs, program playback, and repeat playback.
* Double cassette deck (playback reverse + record playback reverse)
* 20-track music calendar
* Timer (on timer/record/sleep)
* Music genre position (rock/pop/classical)
* 30-program CD playback: program, random, repeat
* CD optical digital output terminal
* MD optical digital input terminal and audio input terminal
* Remote control unit
* FM stereo wide/AM stereo synthesized tuner (32 stations can be preset)
* CD blank skip function
* CD-R/RW playback
Note: The XR-HG5MD may malfunction when playing CD-R/RW discs recorded on certain types of equipment.
* Silver color

Content adapted from: Aiwa Press Release Aiwa Comparison page

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