Aiwa XR-MD100


Name XR-MD100
Manufacturer Aiwa
Released 1999/05
Device type bookshelf
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Dimensions 175 W x 275 H x 333 D
Weight 6000
ATRAC ver 4
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 100
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥58 000
Inputs CD, Tape deck
Outputs 3.5mm headphone

Main features

  • Entire system is a compact 49.1cm wide
  • The center unit, integrating the MD deck, CD player, single cassette deck, and tuner, measures just 17.5cm wide. With the speakers, the entire system is only 49.1cm wide.
  • High power 60W amplifier
  • Sampling rate converter for digital recording from BS/CS digital broadcasts and DAT, to MD. The sampling rate converter automatically converts 32kHz/48kHz sampling frequencies to 44.1kHz. This allows high-quality digital MD recording from external equipment such as BS/CS digital tuners and DAT, in addition to CDs.
  • BBE sound processing system ensures precise mid- and high- range balance.
  • Virtual stereo QSURROUND offers natural stereophonic surround effects.
  • Energy-saving design
  • The XR-MD100 consumes just 1.4W when plugged in with power off in energy-saving standby mode.
  • Multi-function MD deck ensures precise recording and editing
  • 1.Direct recording (all programs/one program) from CD to MD
  • 2.Simultaneous recording from CD to MD and cassette tape
  • 3.Full editing functions (divide, combine, move, erase)
  • 4.Monaural extended recording mode allows recording up to 160 minutes on an 80-minute MD.
  • 5.Double-speed playback function ensures faster, more efficient program selection.
  • 6.Multi jog dial allows simple inputting of up to 50 alpha numeric or kana, characters.
  • 7.MD 30-track program playback/random playback
  • 8.Display shows remaining MD recording time
  • 9.Auto mark, time mark, and manual mark functions for MD recording
  • * Two-way wooden cabinet speakers reproduce natural, high-quality sound.
  • * Music genre position switch (rock, pop, jazz)
  • * Dolby B NR
  • * Easy-to-operate multi jog dial allows various settings.
  • The XR-MD100's multi jog dial is convenient for adjusting sound characteristics such as T-Bass and BBE as well as Dolby NR settings and tuner and CD operation.
  • FM stereo (wide)/AM stereo 2-band synthesized tuner (with random memory presets of up to 32 stations).
  • Recording/playback auto reverse cassette deck
  • CD 30-track program/random/repeat playback
  • Edit recording (AI/Program) from CD to cassette
  • Direct play function allows one-touch activation of MD, CD, cassette tape playback, or tuner, even if the main power switch is off.
  • Full remote control
  • Music sensor fast-forwards or rewinds the tape to the beginning of the current track, the preceding track, or the next track.
  • Silver body color

FM: 87.5MHz - 108MHz

Optical Pickup: KMS-260

Content adapted from: Aiwa Press Release

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