Aiwa XR-MD95


Name XR-MD95
Manufacturer Aiwa
Released 1998/09
Device type bookshelf
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Dimensions 144 W × 101.5 H × 208 D
Weight 2400
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 100
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥70 000
Inputs CD

Main features

  • Two-piece center unit is just 14.4cm wide
  • The center unit consists of two components, one for the Mini Disc (MD) recorder and CD player, the other for the amplifier and tuner. This gives the listener great flexibility in setting up the system.
  • Basic blue color
  • The exterior finish is metallic blue, with a blue LCD panel. The speaker grilles on the XR-MD90 are also blue. This creates a sophisticated, contemporary look.
  • Clear shield remote control features transparent cover
  • Operation keys concealed in loading tray enhance the unique design and simplify operation.
  • Operation keys on the main unit, except the most frequently used ones (playback, stop, eject, and power on/off), are set into the loading tray, giving the front panel a clean, simple appearance.
  • MDF high-quality two-way speakers (XR-MD95) in luxurious wood cabinets reproduce natural sound.

* Aiwa's unique Front 180o speaker system achieves well-balanced sound in a wide area. * Robust 40W (20W+20W) power amplifier * Pro sound BBE delivers outstanding mid-range and high-frequency sound. * T-Bass ensures powerful low-range sound reproduction. * Multi-function MD deck ensures precise recording and editing

  1. Direct recording (all programs/one program) from CD to MD
  2. Full editing functions (divide, combine, move, erase)
  3. Monaural recording mode allows recording of up to 148 minutes on 74-minute MDs.
  4. Double-speed playback function ensures more efficient, quick program selection.
  5. Jog dial allows simple inputting of up to 50 kana, alphabetic, or numerical characters.
  6. MD 30-track program playback/random playback
  7. Display shows remaining MD recording time
  8. Auto mark, time mark, and manual mark functions for MD recording
  • Music genre position switch (rock, pop, jazz)
  • Easy-to-operate multi jog dial allows various settings.
  • The XR-MD95 and XR-MD90 feature a multi jog dial, convenient for adjusting sound characteristics such as T-Bass, BBE, and music genre position, as well as MD editing.
  • FM (TV channels 1- 3)/AM stereo 2 band synthesized tuner, with up to 32-station random memory presets.
  • CD 32-track program/random/repeat playback
  • Superwoofer output terminal

Content adapted from: Aiwa Press Release

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