Aiwa AM-HX100


Name AM-HX100
Manufacturer Aiwa
Released 2001/05
Device type portable
Recorder Player
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio No
Dimensions 71.1 x 12.6 x 77.2mm
Weight 56g (81g w/batt)
Battery "Gumstick"
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr) 1xAA
Voltage 1.5
Power cable Center positive
Price (launch)
¥27 800
Outputs 3.5mm headphone

TOKYO - Aiwa Co., Ltd. has introduced the AM-HX100 portable MD player, which is the world's smallest*1 and lightest*2, and also offers the longest playback time*3.

Thanks to Aiwa's high-density component mounting and low power consumption technologies, the AM-HX100 is the world smallest (only 71.1mm wide x 12.6mm high x 77.2mm deep) and lightest (the main unit weighs just 56g). Plus the AM-HX100's 125-hour continuous playback in LP4 mode (with both rechargeable battery and an alkaline cell) also sets a new world standard.

The unique unit features: new track-search function that lets users select a track from the titles automatically arranged in Japanese kana order on the remote control unit's LCD; new sentence repeat function (in auto/manual mode)@that is ideal for playing back MDs during language study; 25-track program function allows users to hear their favorite tracks in the order they want; convenient battery charger stand; and 40-second/80-second (LP2)/160-second (LP4) sound skip-preventing memory.

The AM-HX100 is thus a high-end portable MD player with world-class functions. It has an eye-catching slim, stylish design, and is available in three pleasing colors - silver, black, and blue. In addition to youthful MD users, the AM-HX100 is targeted at first-time MD player purchasers in the over-30 age bracket and others planning to upgrade their existing MD player to one conforming to the MD Long Play (MDLP) standard.

Main Features

  • The world's smallest and lightest, with longest playback time
  • The AM-HX100 ranks as the world's smallest and lightest thanks to Aiwa's high-density component mounting and low power consumption technologies.
  • Aiwa achieves the world's longest playback time, which is approximately 125 hours of continuous playback (with power save ON in LP4 mode) using both rechargeable battery along with an alkaline AA [LR6] cell), thanks to extreme efficiency in reading the digital signals and the newly improved microchip control and power supply circuit.
  • MDs recorded in MD Long Play (MDLP) standard (LP4/LP2) can be played back.
  • MDLP function plays back in stereo for a longer time in 4x and 2x speeds.
  • New track-search function: Users can directly select a track by looking at the titles displayed on the remote control unit's LCD during MD playback. Compared with the previous version, the new track-search function is even easier for users as it enables titles to be arranged in Japanese kana order.
  • New sentence repeat function is perfect for playing back MDs while studying languages.
  • The function repeatedly plays back sentences, bracketed between silent portions lasting longer than 0.5 seconds, up to nine times. The new function allows users to select either manual or auto repeat. It also has a resume function that can play back continuously from the previous part of a program, even when the disc is removed from the unit.
  • Battery charger stand simplifies charging; users merely place the unit on the stand.
  • Power-saving function to extend battery life: When the main unit's “Hold” switch is turned to power save ON, the battery life can be extended when playing back an MD by turning off the display on the remote control's LCD.
  • One-action eject function simplifies MD disc ejection
  • Just slide the OPEN knob to open the cover to eject an MD disc.
  • High-power 16mW output
  • 40-second/80-second (LP2)/160-second (LP4) skip-preventing memory in Electronic Anti-Shock System PLUS eliminates skips caused by shocks and vibration.
  • Backlit LCD remote control unit with 10-character display
  • The remote control unit's LCD makes it easy to read the disc title, and track name and number, plus monitor the three-step battery level and unit's operation status even in the dark. What's more, users can simply set the playback mode, music title search, alarm, ear guard function, and contrast with the multi jog dial. The remote control unit can also be attached to clothing with the clip provided.
  • Auto play function automatically plays back an MD when it is inserted in the unit.
  • Three-step Dynamic Super Linear (DSL) bass ensures natural reproduction of low-frequency sounds.
  • Three attractive colors - silver, black, and blue - are available.
  • Convenient alarm functions: The alarm is programmable from 1 minute up to 180 minutes, with a duration of up to 30 seconds. This convenient feature reminds commuters when their bus or train stop is coming up, and can help fitness buffs time workouts.
  • Resume function allows playback to restart from the point where it stopped.
  • 25-track programming allows users to hear their favorite selections in the order they want.
  • Repeat (one program/all programs) playback/random playback
  • Ear guard function avoids sudden surges in the sound level.
  • Group function
  • The AM-HX100 can recognize all the tracks selected by the user as a group and play them back together. (An MD player conforming to the group function that will be launched in the future is needed for group setting.)


Content adapted from:, Just-MD page. Aiwa Press Release

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