Clarion MSZ765


Name MSZ765
Manufacturer Clarion
Device type auto
Radio Yes
Dimensions 178 (W) x 50 (H) x 172 (D) mm [Mounting dimensions: 155 (D) mm]
Weight 1400
Sidecar battery
Voltage 12
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥33 075

Product code PA-4080A-B MD deck with spectrum analyzer

A discerning one that allows you to fully enjoy the MD collection. MDLP playback & NetMD support that allows you to enjoy free playback The recording time of MD (80 minutes) can be extended up to 4 times, and it corresponds to MDLP mode that can be played for a long time. In addition, it is equipped with an MD group search function that can be played back in group units such as artist names and albums, which is convenient when recording a large number of songs in MDLP mode. You can also play MDs recorded on PCs and NetMD format devices.

5 pattern level meter display with beautiful interlocking of sound and light

Enlarged image

Equipped with an RCA compatible 2ch level meter that beautifully expresses the dynamic movement of music with five light patterns. It tunes to the signal level of the left and right channels and changes instantly.

Other Features “3-step automatic adjustment RCA power output meter that automatically adjusts the sensitivity according to different output levels * This unit does not operate by itself. Be sure to connect with a CeNET compatible receiver that can be connected.

* Kana and Chinese characters for MD titles are not supported. * HI-MD is not supported.

[MD player section] Frequency characteristic 20Hz-20kHz ± 2dB SN ratio 93dB Dynamic range 85dB [Common part] Power-supply voltage DC14.4V Grounding method Negative grounding Current consumption 1.2A External dimensions 178 (W) x 50 (H) x 172 (D) mm [Mounting dimensions: 155 (D) mm] mass 1.4kg

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