Denon DN-045R


Name DN-045R
Manufacturer Denon
Released 1996/01
Device type pro
Recorder Recorder
Dimensions 482w x 88h x 252d mm
Weight 6.6kg
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr) No
Voltage 120, 230
Power cable AC
Price (launch) $4 200
Control RS-232 serial

Minidisc direct replicator

Content adapted from:

Flyer: denon_dn045r.pdf


  1. Direct digital-to-digital dubbing at 3.5 times real time, bypassing ATRAC.
  2. Defragmentation can be performed during copying.
  3. Windows software provided to allow editing through unit's serial interface.
  4. Source and destination drives housed in one cabinet.
  5. Recording status display.
  6. Overwrite warning.

A few notes from the manual: The DN-045R is provided with serial remote control software (ACD-20). When the DN-045R is connected to a personal computer, the following operations are possible in addition to erasing and copying using the controls on the front panel:

  1. Adding recordings to partially recorded discs.
  2. Selecting tracks from the master disc and only copying the necessary tracks.
  3. Copying the tracks from the master disc in a different order.
  4. Recording disc and track names on the slave disc.

Erasing a disc:

  1. Insert discs into the master and slave drives.
  2. The white “Erase” button will flash orange if the slave disc is not blank.
  3. To erase the disc hold the “Erase” button for a few seconds until it lights solid orange.
  4. The erase is complete when the “Erase” button stops lighting up and the “Standby” light lights up solid green.
  • Note: the unit will only allow you to erase a slave disc if a disc is inserted into both drives.
  • Note: the unit appears to only erase the TOC as with most other decks as the erase only takes a few seconds.

Duplicating a disc:

  1. Insert discs into the master and slave drives.
  2. Erase the slave disc using the instructions above if necesarry as it will not copy umless the slave disc is blank.
  3. When the “Standby” light is solid green the unit is ready to copy.
  4. Press the “Start” button.
  5. The “Start” button will now light solid red and one of the “Remaining Time” lights will start flashing green.
  6. The “Remaining Time” lights inidicate the estimated time remaining in five minute increments.
  7. When the “0” light is solid green then the copy is finished and you can remove the discs.

Stopping a duplication:

  1. Press the “Erase” and “Start” buttons at the same time.
  2. Both buttons will start flashing their respective colours of orange and red.
  3. The buttons will stop flashing and the “Standby” light will go solid green when the unit has stopped the copy.
  4. The unit is now ready for starting the copy again and ready for the master and slave discs to be removed.

If the slave disc is write protected then the slave drives “Error” light will go solid red but only after attempting to start an erase or copy. It would seem when you put a write protected disc into the slave drive it may also light up one or two of the “Remaining Time” lights solid also after attempting an erase or copy [Needs verification as may just be an issue with my unit].

The disc insertion mechanism used is the same as with Denon's other pro decks, where the disc must be pushed in and the drive has no auto loading mechanism and similarly as with Denon's other professional decks, the drives themselves are supported on all four sides by springs.

From testing the unit despite being released before the advent of MDLP, will copy MDLP discs correctly (LP2 tested) and an MDLP deck (tested with MDS-JE480) will recognise the duplicated slave disc as MDLP and play back at the correct speed, with track names correctly listed and the correct disc length listed, even if the length of the disc is over the SP length of 60, 74 or 80 minutes (all tested with an LP2 recorded 74-minute disc of length 78m23s).

74-Minute disc to 74-Minute disc of disc length 58m17s recorded in SP mode.

  • Took 17m07s
  • Copied at ~3.4 Times speed

Looking for the User Manual or some user instructions if anyone has any info…

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