Eclipse E4404CMT


Name E4404CMT
Manufacturer Eclipse
Released 2004/04
Device type auto
Recorder Player
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Dimensions 178(W)×100(H)×160(D)mm
Weight 2200
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 12
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥60 000
Inputs CD
  • Direct-in DSP
  • By transmitting the digital signal of the CD directly to the DSP without converting it to analog, noise generation and signal deterioration due to circuit passage such as D / A conversion are suppressed.
  • 24bit ADVANCED MULTI-Bit ΔΣ (Delta Sigma) D / A converter A D / A converter
  • that converts the digital signal processed by the DSP into analog and sends it to the amplifier. Sigma) D / A converter ”was adopted. It sends out to the amplifier with minimal deterioration of sound quality.
  • High-quality output element MOS-FET is used in the built-in amplifier
  • The high-quality output element “MOS-FET” used in high-grade audio is used in the built-in amplifier.
  • Large-capacity custom electrolytic capacitor
  • The large-capacity electrolytic capacitor provides a stable supply of power without being affected by fluctuations in the power supply voltage due to the driving conditions of the vehicle or the load of the engine, preventing noise contamination and sound quality deterioration.

■ “Creating a sound field” that transforms the interior of a vehicle into an ideal acoustic space Music can be played by correcting the unique characteristics of the acoustic space, such as the space and power supply restrictions for in-vehicle use, and the shape and interior of the vehicle. It provides the optimum environment for listening.

  • Time alignment

By shifting the sound from each speaker, the difference in the arrival time of the sound due to the difference in the distance from the speaker to the listening point is corrected.

  • By dividing the overlap of sounds from speakers with different bands such as a crossover

subwoofer at the optimum point for the band output for each speaker, the overlap of sounds is eliminated and the performance of the speaker system is maximized.

  • Parametric equalizer

Eliminates peaks (conspicuous sounds) and dips (sinking sounds) in the frequency band due to the vehicle interior environment, such as the shape of the car body and interior materials, and reproduces the frequency characteristics of the original sound as it is. Furthermore, with the “E4404CMT”, 31 frequency points to be adjusted can be selected from 63Hz to 16kHz, and Q (sharpness) and gain (dB) can be adjusted.

Equipped with “Pro Mode” compatible with a full-scale 3WAY system (multi-speaker). Detailed settings such as parametric equalizer and time alignment are possible.

The button used for adjustment operation blinks, and the function name is displayed on the display. In addition, “E4404CMT” will explain the operation outline with a clear display of the full-dot VF display.

Content adapted from: Denso-Ten Press Release

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