Eclipse E5503CMT


Name E5503CMT
Manufacturer Eclipse
Released 2003/07
Device type auto
Recorder Player
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Dimensions 178 (W) x 100 (H) x 165 (D) mm
Weight 2200
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 12
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥45 000
Inputs 3.5mm line in (analog-only), CD

Eclipse E5503CMT (silver) / E5503CMT BK (black) Winner of the good design award 2003 - Denso-Ten Press Release

◆ Achieves high-quality sound that is close to the Hi-Fi class

  • Adopts “Direct In DSP” that transmits digital signals such as CDs directly to DSP without converting them to analog signals.
  • The “24bit ADVANCED MULTI-Bit ΔΣ D / A converter” that realizes a wide dynamic range of 106dB realizes infinitely pure sound quality.
  • “MOS-FET 50W x 4” is adopted. By pursuing the balance with peripheral devices, a clear sound with a sense of volume and no distortion is reproduced.
  • Uses a copper-plated chassis that is not easily affected by noise and a highly inductive gold-plated RCA terminal (E5503CMT)
  • “5V high voltage pre-out” (E5503CMT), “2V high voltage pre-out” (E3303CMT, E3303CMT Bk, E3303CDT) that transmits the sound source to an external amplifier with low noise

◆ Equipped with a newly developed DSP that transforms the passenger compartment into the best acoustic space (E5503CMT, E3303CMT, E3303CMT Bk, E3303CDT) By newly developing a DSP, sounds such as “time alignment”, “parametric equalizer”, “crossover”, etc. Realizes functions related to place creation. Furthermore, by processing these functions at high speed, noise is reduced and it responds to dynamically changing music signals at high speed.

◆ “Two-mode sound control” with selectable tuning method (E5503CMT, E3303CMT, E3303CMT Bk, E3303CDT) The function group for adjusting sound quality and sound field is divided into two modes, and the normal state at the time of shipment and detailed settings are possible. You can select various adjustment modes. The E3303CMT, E3303CMT Bk, and E3303CDT are equipped with an “advanced mode” that supports 2-way systems and allows simple time alignment settings. The E5503CMT is equipped with a “pro mode” that supports a full-scale 3WAY system (multi-speaker). In “Pro Mode”, you can improve the acoustic characteristics of the car to create a clearer sound field, and make detailed settings such as parametric equalizer and time alignment to get closer to your favorite sound.

◆ “Time alignment” that corrects the arrival time and phase shift of the sound from the speaker (E5503CMT, E3303CMT, E3303CMT Bk, E3303CDT) Corrects the arrival time and phase shift of the sound due to the difference in the distance from each speaker to the listening point. However, it is possible to adjust to the ideal localization. The original scenery of the sound field can be reproduced naturally without any discomfort. Pre-programmed 180 patterns based on 5 listening positions, 6 types of vehicles, and speaker mounting positions. You can easily make adjustments by simply selecting each item. Furthermore, with the E5503CMT, it is possible to make full-scale adjustments to the arrival time of sound from the speaker in units of 0.1 msec (3.4 cm).

◆ “Parametric equalizer” that corrects the acoustic characteristics in the vehicle interior (E5503CMT, E3303CMT, E3303CMT Bk, E3303CDT) Equipped with 13Band digital graphic equalizer + 1Band parametric equalizer. It is also possible to adjust the parts that could not be adjusted with the graphic equalizer alone. Furthermore, the E5503CMT uses a full-scale parametric equalizer that allows you to select the frequency point to adjust from 63Hz to 16kHz, and also adjust the Q (sharpness) and gain (dB). You can make the musical characteristics in the passenger compartment more flat, and based on that, you can finely tune to your liking.

◆ “Crossover” that can set the optimum frequency band for each speaker (E5503CMT, E3303CMT, E3303CMT Bk, E3303CDT) By dividing into frequency bands suitable for the characteristics of each speaker, the performance of the speaker system can be maximized. It smoothes the connection of sounds and reproduces the optimum acoustic space.

◆ Equipped with “assist function” to help complicated settings (E5503CMT, E3303CMT, E3303CMT Bk, E3303CDT) When making various settings, the button lighting of the operation target blinks and you can immediately see the button to be used for adjustment operation. Furthermore, with the E3303CMT, E3303CMT Bk, and E3303CDT, the function names are displayed on a large LCD, and with the E5503CMT, by displaying buttons with animation on the full-dot VF, complicated settings can be easily performed.

Content adapted from: Denso-Ten Press Release

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