Kenwood DPX-6100MD


Name DPX-6100MD
Manufacturer Kenwood
Released 2000/05
Device type auto
Recorder Player
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Dimensions 2-DIN 178 (W) x 100 (H) x 155 (D) mm
Weight 2900
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 12
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥63 000
Inputs CD

Kenwood DPX-6100MD is a dual-size MD/CD receiver that achieves high cost performance. Equipped with a newly developed high-performance pickup and high-precision servo circuit, it can read music signals recorded not only on CD-R but also on CD-RW *2 . Equipped with 6-hole simulation preset DSP and 7-band 5-mode preset equalizer, you can easily enjoy realistic DSP sound. A 2-mode, 13-band spectrum analyzer is equipped on the large display unique to 2DIN. 9 patterns of spectrum analyzer patterns make the interior of the car fun. Built-in 47W x 4ch super high power amplifier.

*2: Playback of MP3 data is not supported.

[MD department]

  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz (±1dB)
  • S/N ratio: 90dB (1kHz)
  • Dynamic range: 90dB
  • Stereo Separation: 85dB

[CD section]

  • Frequency response: 10Hz to 20kHz (±1dB)
  • S/N ratio: 93dB (1kHz)
  • Dynamic range: 93dB
  • Stereo Separation: 85dB

[FM section]

  • Receiving frequency range: 76.0MHz to 90.0MHz (100kHz steps)

[AM section]

  • Receiving frequency range: 522kHz to 1629kHz (9kHz steps) Sensitivity: 28dBμ

[EQ section]

  • Equalizer center frequency: 60, 160, 400, 1k, 2k, 6k, 16kHz
  • Variable range: ±12dB

[Audio part]

  • Maximum output: 47W x 4
  • Rated output: 29W x 4 (4Ω, 1kHz, 10%THD)
  • Pre-out level: 1500mV (FM/10kΩ)

[Common part]

  • Power supply voltage: 14.4V (11 to 16V)
  • Maximum current consumption: 10A
  • Embedded dimensions: 178 (W) x 100 (H) x 155 (D) mm
  • Mass: 2.9kg

Content adapted from: Kenwood Press Release

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