Kenwood DMC-J3 J.A.M. Special Edition


Name Kenwood DMC-J3 J.A.M.
Manufacturer Kenwood
Released 1998/03
Device type portable
Recorder Player
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio No
Dimensions 99 x 17 x 75mm
Weight 115g(body)/ 140g(with batt.)
Battery AA
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr) No
Voltage 1.5
Power cable N/A
Price (launch)
Outputs 3.5mm headphone

The Kenwood DMC-J3 J.A.M. was a lucky draw prize. It was commissioned by AXIA (makers of MiniDiscs) in Japan, and is a design inspired by Judy And Mary (J.A.M.). Since it was never sold at retail it has no price. It was a special prize raffle with 500 given out in October 1998, and 500 given out December 1998 for a total of 1000. On the back Judy and Marie proclaims their support of “your pop life”.

Content adapted from: md543 Page

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