Onkyo BR-NX8

name BR-NX8
device class Bookshelf Mini Hi-Fi
released March 24th, 2006
price (launch) ¥74,800
inputs RCA Stereo analog
Memory Stick Duo slot
USB port
10/100 mbps ethernet (DLNA)
outputs RCA Stereo analog
Composite video
3.5mm Stereo headphones (front)
power 100V AC
ATRAC version Unknown
dimensions 156w x 247h x 285d mm
weight 4.6 kg

The BR-NX8 is an incredible combination of CD, MiniDisc (MDLP, not Hi-MD), USB, Memory Stick Duo, network and HDD mini hi-fi system released by Onkyo exclusively in Japan in March 2006.

It packs an 80 GB internal hard disk, as well as a 4.3-inch widescreen colour LCD display. It comes with the same black D-N8 speakers as supplied with the FR-B8 as standard.

Network capabilities included using DLNA to stream music from your PC, as well as integration with Music services Mora and AnyMusic, as well as CD store HMV. It’s also compatible with captioned FM radio broadcasts, and allows you to search for heard radio tracks on the supported stores.

For storing CDs on the internal HDD, it sports Gracenote CDDB integration, to look up track and disc titles automatically. It can record to the internal HDD or USB in Linear PCM, MP3 or ATRAC3 or ATRAC3plus.

As an aside, it appears that it runs Linux (Internet Archive link).

Content adapted from the February 2006 Onkyo Flyer (Internet Archive link). Price from Onkyo's own online store page (Internet Archive link).

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