Panasonic SC-NS50MD


Name SC-NS50MD
Manufacturer Panasonic
Released 1996/12
Device type bookshelf
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Dimensions 175mm x 261mm x 344mm
Weight 7700
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 100
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥88 000
Inputs RCA in, CD, Tape deck

SC-NS50MD-H gray MD stereo system (CD/MD/cassette component) (set of main unit SA-NS50MD and speaker SB-NS50-H)

(Main Features) ● Equipped with “Direct MD Edit” that allows you to quickly create your own MD software ● Easily input MD and CD titles with the “Title Input Function” ● Enjoy a variety of CD play “Parking 5” ● Adoption of “CD manager function” that allows smooth editing from CD to MD or cassette Adoption of “long-time recording monaural mode” that can record twice as long as monaural recording from radio to MD

(main specifications) Amplifier part practical use Maximum output: 40W + 40W (1kHz, total harmonic distortion 10%, 6Ω) Both channel operation Input impedance: AUX: 47kΩ MIC: 1.5kΩ Input sensitivity: AUX: 250mV MIC: 0.7mV

CD changer D/A converter … MASH (1-bit DAC) S/N ratio … Speaker output; 80dB (JIS A) Number of channels … 2 channels (stereo) Digital filter … 8fs wow flutter … Below measurement limit Light source … Semiconductor laser Wavelength … 780nm sampling frequency … 44.1kHz decoding … 16 bits; straight line

MD deck section S/N ratio … Speaker output; 80dB (JIS A) Number of channels … 2 channels (stereo) Wow flutter … Less than measurement limit Compression/expansion method … ATRAC method Recording method … Magnetic field modulation overwrite method Type … Minidisc digital audio system Reading method: Semiconductor laser (non-contact method with wavelength = 780nm) Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz

Cassette deck S/N ratio: Dolby NR off: 50dB (A-WTD) Dolby NR on: 60dB (CCIR) Tape speed: 4.8 cm per second Track system: 4 tracks 2 channels Head: Recording/playback: Permalloy x 1 Erase: Double gap ferrite x 1 Motor: DC servo motor Wow flutter: 0.16% (WRMS) Frequency response: Normal: 35 Hz to 15 kHz High position ; 35Hz-15kHz erasing method: AC erasing Fast winding time: about 120 seconds (C-60) Recording method: AC bias, 100kHz

FM Tuner part: Receiving frequency band: 76.0-90.0MHz TV1-3ch sound Practical sensitivity: 16.3dBf1.8μV (IHF'58) Antenna: 75Ω (unbalanced)

AM Receiving frequency band : 522-1629kHz Practical sensitivity: SN ratio: 20dB; 500μV/m

Speaker system Impedance : 6Ω Crossover frequency: 1.5kHz, 10kHz allowable input … 100W (music) 50W (DIN) Model … 3-way speaker system Reproduction frequency band … 45Hz - 22kHz (-16dB) 50Hz - 20kHz (-10dB) Speaker used … Woofer: 14cm cone type Midrange: 6cm cone type Tweeter : Piezo type Output sound pressure level: 86dB/W (1.0m) Dimensions: 230(W) x 330(H) x 252(D) mm Mass: Approx. 3.2kg

Total mass: 7.7kg Power supply: AC 100V, 50 / 60Hz power consumption … 90W (power consumption when the POWER button is “STANDBY”: about 9.5W) Dimensions (width x height x depth) … 175mm x 261mm x 344mm

 [JAN (EAN) code] 4984824154087 (listed in the original box)

 [Accessories] Original box, main unit (SA-NS50MD: FR7CB18916), speaker (SB-NS50-H: HW7CA57973) x 2 units, remote control (EUR644351), instruction manual, power cord, simple FM antenna, AM loop antenna・Holder for loop antenna ・Mounting screws

Content adapted from: Panasonic Press Release

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