Pioneer FH-P009MD


Name FH-P009MD
Manufacturer Pioneer
Released 2003/03
Device type auto
Recorder Player
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Dimensions 178 x 100 x 160
Weight 2500
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 12
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥110 000
Inputs CD

Pioneer Carrozzeria FH-P009MD

1) Advanced high-quality sound technology that transforms the passenger compartment into an ideal listening space

Equipped with DSP (Digital Signal Processor) that realizes high-quality sound reproduction and optimum sound field. Newly developed “Auto Time Alignment (* 1) & Auto Equalizer” Optimal music such as complicated space shape inside the vehicle, sound reflection / absorption by seats and windows, and different distances from each speaker to the listening position. There are a number of factors that hinder playback. “Auto Time Alignment & Auto Equalizer” performs precise automatic tuning for all 336 steps (about 6 minutes) in the vehicle interior, and prepares the optimum music playback space for each car. * 1: “Time alignment” is a function that allows all sounds to reach the listener's ears at the same time by delaying the timing of other speaker outputs based on the farthest speaker. This “time alignment” can be set automatically. “13-band digital equalizer” that allows fine adjustment of sound quality “Low-pass filter” and “front / rear independent high-pass filter” “3-way digital crossover network function” that realizes music playback that makes full use of the characteristics of each speaker “F special correction type real-time ASL (auto sound levelizer)” that detects road noise during driving and automatically corrects the volume and sound quality to maintain a constant listening comfort. “BBE (* 2) digital” that corrects the disturbance of harmonic components generated when a digital music signal passes through a circuit and realizes reproduction faithful to the original sound. It is especially effective in improving the sound quality of compressed audio. * 2: BBE is a registered trademark of BBE Sound, Inc. Five types of “factory preset curves” set based on acoustics Equipped with “Power MOS FET 50W x 4ch high power amplifier” that allows you to enjoy powerful music playback with low distortion and high efficiency.

2) A new design with improved operability and a luxurious feel

Equipped with a newly developed 16-gradation full-motion 3D graphics display and a “large organic EL display” that creates a novel and versatile effect with a circuit flash display that makes it look as if light is running on an electronic circuit. Newly adopted “Rotary Source Selector” and “Rotary Volume” for comfortable operation

3) Supports diversified media playback

WMA (* 3) files and MP3 files can be played. CD-R / CD-RW playback is possible. With MDLP support, it is possible to play MD discs recorded for a long time in 2x mode (maximum 160 minutes) / 4x mode (maximum 320 minutes) in addition to standard mode. Supports MD group management playback that allows smooth playback and search of MD discs that have been recorded for a long time.

Content adapted from: Pioneer Press Release Archived Pioneer Press Release

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