Sharp MD-X75

Name MD-X75
Manufacturer Sharp
Released 1998/11
Device type bookshelf
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Dimensions 250 (width) x 340 (height) x 317 (depth) mm
Weight 9000
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 100
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥95 000
Inputs 3.5mm line in (analog-only), CD, Radio recording, Tape deck
Outputs 3.5mm line out (analog-only), RCA out

<Features of MD-X75> 1. MD component with W-MD

  1. Recording from MD to MD is extremely easy, equipped with W-MD mechanism for playback only and recording/playback.
  2. Simultaneous editing of sounds and characters from MD1 to MD2 is possible.
  3. Equipped with a name copy function that allows you to paste characters that have already been entered in the two inserted MDs to songs that have not been entered. (This makes it easier to repeatedly type in the same artist name or song title.)
  4. Equipped with an all-disc play function that allows continuous playback of a total of 5 discs, 2 MDs and 3 CDs.

2. Easy and convenient editing One-shot edit button with optical guide

  1. Equipped with 5 one-shot edit buttons for one-touch recording from CD to MD, MD to MD, TAPE to MD, CD to TAPE, and MD to TAPE.
  2. Equipped with a top position recording function that adds the latest song to the first track of the MD.
  3. In addition to the track edit function that allows you to specify only the first track of a CD single with one touch when specifying the track to be recorded on a CD or MD, it is equipped with a hyper track edit function that allows you to specify while listening to and confirming the track to be recorded.
  4. Equipped with a hyper music calendar that allows you to check at a glance both recorded songs on CDs and MDs and songs specified for recording.

3. Achieved the industry's lowest power consumption of 0.45W when the power is off

  • Significant reduction in standby power consumption by not erasing the contents of the timer memory when the power is turned off, and by providing a sub-transformer to suspend the power supply to the main transformer in order to be in a standby state for receiving the remote control. realized.

4. Network compatible with “optical digital input terminal” & “sampling rate converter” that can capture expanding digital music sources such as Internet distribution music and digital satellite music broadcasting

  1. When connected to a CS tuner or BS tuner (with optical digital output) with an optical digital cable (sold separately), the sampling frequency (digital audio signal) of digital CS and BS broadcasts is automatically converted to 44.1 kHz for MD. High-quality digital editing is also possible from satellite broadcasts.
  2. Connect the separately sold PCMCIA card (digital sound card: AD-AJ2) to the digital input terminal of the MD with an optical digital cable (sold separately) and connect it to a notebook computer to convert WAVE and MIDIh files into digital audio signals. output (16 bits, 44.1 kHz) and can be digitally edited on MD. This card is equipped with a GM sound source *1 with a built-in 2MB sound ROM, so you can enjoy high-quality MIDI music playback/recording just by obtaining MIDI files. (A separate contract with a provider is required to receive music distribution services.)
  3. *1: Abbreviation for “General MIDI.” MIDI standard.

5. High-quality sound design including newly developed metal cone speakers

  1. A 3-way speaker that uses a newly developed high-quality metal diaphragm woofer.
  2. Practical maximum output 100W
  3. Deep bass reproduction, X-BASS circuit adopted.
  4. A high-precision 24-bit arithmetic method is adopted for the ATRAC section (compression/expansion method), which is the key to MD sound quality.

6. Large 4-color display with spectrum analyzer for colorful display of sound and disc status

7. Equipped with an electromagnetic cassette deck that realizes remote control operation and one-shot editing

8. Equipped with a sound sync recording function that detects the input of an audio signal and automatically starts recording, convenient for recording external input

9. Equipped with a full range of MD functions such as MD track number editing function, katakana character support, monaural double long time recording mode, etc.

10. Equipped with a multi-jog dial convenient for input such as MD character input and timer setting

11. FM wide/AM synthesizer tuner

12. AI timer that can record absence and play good night / alarm clock

13. Multi-function remote control that can operate MD, CD, cassette tape, radio at hand

14. Analog input/output terminals that can be connected to your audio equipment

Content adapted from: Sharp Press Release

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