Sharp MD-XV300


Name MD-XV300
Manufacturer Sharp
Released 1996/11
Device type deck
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Dimensions 200 (width) x 157 (height) x 299 (depth) mm
Weight 4000
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 100, 120, 230
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥110 000
Inputs CD

MD-XV300H - European model, MD-XV300X - All other markets.

Supports AD-M4AC MD → MD cable that allows for analog transfer of MD alongside title info.

2. Continuous editing from CD to MD is easy and convenient Equipped with “Newly developed 3-disc independent tray type CD changer” (MD-XV300 only) Equipped with a 3 CD changer that can continuously edit from 3 CDs to MD. Moreover, because it is an independent tray system, it is an excellent mechanism that combines the usability of a single CD with the convenience of a three-disc changer. In addition, one-touch playback of a single CD or continuous playback of three CDs is possible.

3. Equipped with 3D surround and active servo technology that brings sound to life ・ Equipped with a “3D surround” (sound retrieval system *1 ) that adds a unique frequency characteristic to the sound signal and creates a three-dimensional sound effect with just two speakers . The listening area is wider than conventional stereo sound, and natural sound quality is achieved without fatigue. (*1 Sound Retrieval System: Sound Retrieval System. US patent of SRS Labs.) ・ Equipped with “Active Servo Technology” that enables powerful deep bass in a compact size by combining the principle of the Helmholtz resonance tube and negative impedance drive circuit technology.

4. Compact design with main body aluminum panel and white wood tone high-quality speaker A two-piece body structure with an emphasis on sound quality that separates the digital section for MD/CD and the analog section for the amplifier/tuner section. The compact design with a main body width of 200mm realizes space saving and layout freedom. In addition to adopting an aluminum panel for the main body, the speaker is made of plain wood, pursuing a genuine texture. (Features of the speaker section)

・ High-quality sound diaphragm “Holofine-K” *2 is adopted for the woofer. (*2: A natural diaphragm material made from a mixture of sapling pulp of Chishima bamboo, which grows wild in the highlands of Hokkaido, and kenaf, an annual plant of the Malvaceae family. It realizes the delicacy of the vocal band.) ・ Adopts a dome tweeter with good directivity to achieve extended high-pitched sound reproduction. (MD-XV300 only) ・ Magnetic shield design considering setting with AV equipment.

5. Equipped with a sampling rate converter that can directly input high-quality digital sound from satellite broadcasts and DAT (MD-XV300 only) ・ When you connect your BS tuner, CS tuner, DAT, etc. with an optical digital cable, the sampling rate (sampling frequency) of 48kHz or 32kHz digital audio signal is automatically converted to MD 44.1kHz. High-quality digital recording is possible not only from CDs, but also from satellite broadcasts and DAT. ・ Conventionally, MD LSIs consisted of two LSIs (0.6 micron rule), one for compression/decompression and one for signal processing with a built-in sampling rate converter. Highly integrated into a single LSI (0.35 micron rule).

6. Easy and convenient editing from CD to MD, high sound quality, CD to MD digital editing ・ Equipped with one-touch edit that allows you to edit everything from CD to MD with a single button. ・ Equipped with Track Edit, which makes it easy to specify songs and is convenient for editing CD single hit songs (first song).

7. Multi-jog dial for easy katakana character input The multi-jog dial is convenient for inputting katakana characters, selecting tracks for MD and CD, and setting timers. You can easily specify characters and songs while turning.

8. Convenient track number editing function unique to MD Various editing functions such as “move” to move a specified song to another song number, “program move” to rearrange the song numbers of up to 20 songs at once, and “erase” to erase unnecessary songs .

9. Monaural 2x long-time recording mode convenient for recording radio programs and creating BGM discs

10. AM stereo compatible, FM wide/AM synthesizer tuner

11. Practical maximum output 100W

12. Built-in AI timer for voice recording and sleep/alarm playback

13. Digital/analog input/output terminals that can be connected to your audio equipment

14. Stereo microphone input terminal

15. Multifunctional remote control that can be operated at hand

Content adapted from: Sharp Press Release Sharp Product Page

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