Sharp MD-MS701 / MD-MS702

Name MD-MS701
Manufacturer Sharp
Released 1997/08
Device type portable
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio No
Dimensions 87 x 29.4 x 81.5mm
Weight 216g/219g
ATRAC ver Sharp 5
Battery AD-S30BT
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr) 2xAA
Voltage 5
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥47 000
Inputs 3.5mm line in (optical multi), 3.5mm microphone
Outputs 3.5mm headphone

Released simultaneously as the MD-MS701 and MD-MS702, they are almost identical except for color differences. Uses a proprietary lithium-ion rechargable battery, so it may be difficult to find a modern replacement.

The site claims the Pioneer PMD-R3 and Kenwood DMC-J7R are the same unit.

A rare red version of the MD-MS702 exists as the model MD-MS702-Red. The back features the Danish rock band Michael Learns To Rock This is likely a promotion for the 2001 compilation album 19 Love Ballads which came out in Europe with an exclusive red cover.

Content adapted from: pageSharp Press Release (Japanese) MS702 Product Page MS701 Product Page

It's very common in this generation of Sharp players for the SLED gear to crack. Replacements can be resin printers a guide can be found here

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