Sony MDX-5V101R


Name MDX-5V101R
Manufacturer Sony
Released 1998/08
Device type auto
Recorder Player
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Dimensions 200L x 190W x 60H
Weight 1305
ATRAC ver 4
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 12
Power cable
Price (launch)
Outputs Speaker amplifier

Sony developed the MDX-5V101R for Volkswagen Japan as an OEM radio for the MKIV Passat/Jetta/Golf released in 1998-1999. Shares a lot in common with the MDX-5V101P

The unit turns on and off by depressing the volume knob. Buttons not found on US radios and their function:

Ti = Traffic information, a special frequency used in Japan
SCRL = Begins scrolling of disk name or track text if they are too long to fit.
AS = Auto Store. Holding AS down tells the unit to store radio stations it has scanned
DSPL = Switches between 3 modes for what info the faceplate should display.

  1. Disk#; Disk Name; Total Tracks; Folder name(s) ▶
  2. Track Name
  3. Track #, Time Elapsed

REP = Toggles replay
SHUF = Begins cycling a 2 digit random number generator for a couple seconds before picking a track. Rumor has it if 666 ever comes up you die instantly, your soul claimed by Deezelbub.

Despite using the same ISO and mini-ISO connectors as radios for the US and EU markets, the 5V101R changes the pin assignments. It also differs by using the Sony Uni-link protocol for communicating with dash and trunk mounted accessories, breaking compatibility. It has only one DATA pin for accessories where US and EU market radios have DATA IN and DATA OUT. The radio also has a GALA pin connection to raise and lower the volume with vehicle speed changes.

Because theft does not exist in Japan, the MDX-5V101R has no radio code security feature, making them plug and play. Unlike US and EU market radios.

The following CD changers are compatible with the MDX-5V101R:

CDX-5V652 Images
CDX-5V651 (Part# J8D CD3 A01 A) Images Magazine XA-T6
CDX-T70MX - Advanced-ESP, CD-R compatible, MP3 compatible. Was sold in US and Europe
CDX-5V562 (Part# J0V CD3 A02) - Advanced-ESP, CD-R compatible, non MP3. Magazine: XA-T7 (part# J0V CD3 A02 A1)
CDX-5V561 (part# J8D CD3 A01 A) - ESP??, CD-R not supported, 8-pin DIN connection. Magazine: XA-T6
CDX-5V560 -
CDX-T60 / CDX-T62 - non ESP, Magazine: XA-T6
CDX-T65 - ESP, Magazine: XA-T6
CDX-T602 - non ESP, Magazine: XA-T6
CDX-T605 - ESP, Magazine: XA-T6
Peugeot CDX-5P71 - Magazine: XA-T6
Porsche CDC-3 - Magazine: XA-T6 (Porsche part#993.645.130.00), Becker CDC-3, BE 2660
Fiat 1091 - Magazine: XA-T6
CDX-5V562 (Part# J0V CD3 A02) - Advanced-ESP, CD-R compatible, non MP3, Magazine: XA-T7
Becker Silverstone 7860, Advanced-ESP, CD-R compatible, non MP3, Magazine: XA-T7
CDX-T70MX - Advanced-ESP, CD-R compatible, Magazine: XA-T7

Optical pickup: KMS-241A

Content adapted from: Various google results

MKIV Japanese Accessory catalog

A service manual has not yet been found but the MDX-C5970 shares a similar layout, the same ATRAC chipset as well as front faceplate controller chipset. The MDX-C5970 uses the MG-164N-138 md unit, which appears identical to the one used in the MDX-5V101R.

Some pages of the Japanese user manual:

Teardown photos:

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