Sony MDX-G55


Name MDX-G55
Manufacturer Sony
Released 1999/11
Device type auto
Recorder Player
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Dimensions 1-DIN 178 x 50 x 179 mm
Weight 1700
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr) No
Voltage 12
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥68 000
Outputs Speaker amplifier

Features: Combinable in function with the CSX-G44 in-dash CD player. DSO function, variegated sound scene effects.

Specs: 45W x 4.

From the press release:

2. Equipped with Dynamic Sound Stage Organizer (DSO) function Adopts a proprietary DSP (HX-DSP) that brings together Sony's digital audio technology. Equipped with a DSO function that localizes the sound image in front of and above the listener to enhance its power and realize a clear sound. With virtual speakers, you can play sounds with a sense of realism.

3. Highly visible dot type FL display adopted A high-brightness, high-definition FL (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) display has been adopted to achieve high visibility. It is possible to display alphanumerical characters in CD text, alphanumerical characters in MD titles, and katakana.

4. Independent filter adjustment for front, rear and subwoofer The high-pass filter / low-pass filter can be adjusted independently for the front, rear, and subwoofer, enabling fine tuning.

5. Supports connection with the dedicated system-up CD player “CSX-G44” By upgrading the system to “CSX-G44”, you can enjoy a variety of linked screen displays unique to 1DIN + 1DIN. In addition, since it is equipped with a digital input terminal, it can be digitally connected to a CD / MD changer with digital output, and the CD / MD changer can also be controlled.

6. Front panel angle adjustment mechanism with built-in memory The flip-out type front panel can be electrically adjusted in 6 steps.

7. TV control of DVD navigation system “NVX-DV733” is possible By connecting to the DVD navigation system “NVX-DV733” with a built-in 1DIN size 7-inch wide in-dash TV scheduled to be released on December 1, the TV function of the aircraft can be controlled from “MDX-G77REC” or “MDX-G55”. In addition, audio information such as disc titles and station names can be displayed on the TV monitor. In addition, TV audio can be heard from the speakers through the “MDX-G77REC” and “MDX-G55”, enabling powerful audio playback.

8. Equipped with PDC hands-free unit control function It is compatible with the separately sold PDC hands-free unit “XCH-1000”, and you can make calls without having a mobile phone.

Content adapted from: page Sony Press Release Sony Product Park Price at end of sale: ¥41,055

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