Sony WX-C70MD


Name WX-C70MD
Manufacturer Sony
Released 1998/04
Device type auto
Recorder Player
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Dimensions 178×100×180mm
Weight 2700
ATRAC ver 4
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 12
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥128 000
Inputs CD

Sony WX-C70MD. “Wide Bitstream” indicates it's likely ATRAC v4

1. 3 MD changer, CD player, FM / AM radio + 40W x 4 high power amplifier, 2DIN integrated audio master with built-in DSP

2. Newly developed in-dash MD 3-sheet changer mechanism By using the memory of the skip guard memory, you can enjoy continuous playback for a long time without interruption during the disc change (seamless disc change).

3. Full MD play function In addition to supporting “wide bitstream” that enables playback with a wide dynamic range, it is possible to display and scroll the titles of MD software that has been input in katakana. Kanji can be displayed on the already released “FMX-88”.

4. Equipped with Advanced ESP Adopts an advanced ESP that uses a wide capture method that can read music signals at any rotation speed. In addition to the improvement of vibration resistance, which is a feature of conventional ESP, the influence of servo noise generated by disk rotation control is greatly reduced, contributing to high-quality sound reproduction.

5. CD text can be played and displayed Alphabets / katakana can be displayed on the main unit, and Chinese characters can be displayed on the already released “FMX-88”.

6. Built-in DSP that fully digitally processes MD / CD signals The built-in DSP directly processes MD / CD signals directly without passing through analog circuits. Various surround, seat position control, 7-band graphic equalizer, and other sound field and sound quality adjustments can be performed with high sound quality.

7. Fully openable flip-out front panel adopted Equipped with a 3-step angle adjustment function to improve visibility.

8. Motion display mode The spectrum analyzer section and the character display section work together to express movement, creating a fun and gorgeous in-dash.

9. Versatile system It is possible to build various systems such as a CD / MD changer, FM teletext display unit “FMX-88”, and 7-inch wide TV “XTL-770W”.

10. Equipped with “Voice Guide function” Equipped with a “Voice Guide function” that allows you to check the details of the executed operation by voice. Combined with the included rotary commander, you can operate the car audio as if you were a wiper without looking away from the front.

11. Equipped with a dedicated output terminal for the subwoofer In addition to the front and rear RCA audio output terminals, it is equipped with a subwoofer dedicated output terminal with a built-in low-pass filter. Volume adjustment only for the subwoofer is also possible at hand.

12. DSM (disc sound memory) function Surround and equalizer modes, subwoofer levels, etc. can be memorized for each MD / CD disc.

13. Equipped with SSIR-EXA tuner When interference of an adjacent FM station occurs, the reception band is automatically adjusted to make it easier to hear. Effective when you temporarily enter the broadcasting area of ​​a mini FM station such as community FM.

14. Easy-to-use rotary encoder for volume / sound quality adjustment and custom file input

15. “Sequence menu” that allows you to switch / adjust various performance modes and initial settings while looking at the display.

Content adapted from: Sony Press Release

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