Sony MDS-303


Name MDS-303
Manufacturer Sony
Released 1995/10
Device type deck
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio No
Dimensions 280 x 82.5 x 286.5mm
Weight 3.6kg
ATRAC ver 3
Power cable AC
Price (launch)
¥59 000
Inputs RCA in, Digital optical (TOSLINK)
Outputs 3.5mm headphone, RCA out, Digital optical (TOSLINK)

MDS-303 is a newer version of the MDS-302 with a smaller, but mechanically similar model, the MDS-S35. They were a revision to the previous generation MDS-302/MDS-S30, but there was no significant difference between the two beyond slight design changes.

The functional differences between the S35 and 303 are minor. The 303 has a 1/4“ headphone out and no Sony AV bus link for 'Pixy' systems. The S35 keeps the smaller footprint (to match the 'Pixy' line), the 3.5mm headphone out, and the AV bus link for 'Pixy' systems like the previous generation.

Weight is different due to differing power supplies too (seemingly 3.6kg for the 303 and 2.4kg for the S35). The S35 also uses yellow characters for it screen.

Remote: RM-D3M

Release date seems to be listed as “late 1995” in most places, .orgs guess of October is as good as any.

Model Using Similar Mechanism: MDS-302
Mechanism Type: MDM-2A
Base Unit Type: MBU-2
Optical Pickup Block: KMS-210A/J-N

IC271 ATRAC Encoder/Decoder: CXD2536R

IC121 Servo Signal Processor EFM/ACIRC Encoder/Decoder: CXD2535AR

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