Sony MDS-MS77


Name MDS-MS77
Manufacturer Sony
Released 1996/09
Device type deck
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio No
Dimensions 280×90×290.5mm
Weight 2200
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥110 000
Inputs RCA in, Digital optical (TOSLINK)
Outputs RCA out, Digital optical (TOSLINK)

Only sold as part of the 【DHC-MD77】system.

The “DHC-MD77” released this time is the successor to the very popular “DHC-MD7”. In addition to the optical input terminal for CD players, the MD deck is equipped with another optical input terminal, and a new “sampling rate converter” is installed. In addition to digital recording from CDs, satellite digital music broadcasting and DAT High-quality recording with digital signals is now possible from (digital audio tape).

Main features:

1. Equipped with a “sampling rate converter” capable of satellite digital music broadcasting and DAT digital recording The 32kHz and 48kHz sampling frequencies used in satellite digital broadcasting and the 48kHz sampling frequency used in DAT are automatically converted to 44.1kHZ during MD recording. Furthermore, it is equipped with two optical input terminals, and it is possible to upgrade the system other than the CD player.

2. Equipped with a “CD changer” that allows you to easily enjoy continuous playback of multiple CDs and digital recording / editing of your favorite songs on MD. This unit is equipped with a “3CD changer” that employs an “exchange function” that allows you to pull out the tray while playing a CD to replace or set an optical disc.

3. “Hit parade function” that automatically records only the first song of each CD The “hit parade function” can automatically record only the first song of each CD, making it ideal for making original discs from 8 cm CDs.

4. “Smart space function” that automatically aligns the silent part between songs in about 3 seconds If the silent part continues for 3 seconds or more during digital recording, it will pause, and recording will start again as soon as the next digital signal input is detected. Even when recording a performance that spans multiple discs, such as recording from a CD changer, the silence time does not become unnecessarily long, and you can record beautifully.

5. “TOC EDIT function” that enables free editing of MD With the MD for recording, by rewriting the TOC (Table Of Contents) area, which is the inner circumference of the area where voice information is recorded, various editing is possible without rewriting the recorded voice information.

  1. “Divide” function that separates by setting the cue point of the recorded part
  2. “Combine” function that deletes the cue point and joins the parts that were divided into two parts before and after
  3. “Erase” function that can instantly erase unnecessary parts (one song or all songs)
  4. “Move” function that allows you to switch songs simply by selecting the song you want to move and specifying the song number of the destination.

* For (1), you can fine-tune the editing points in increments of approximately ± 60 milliseconds.

6. Equipped with an easy-to-operate “jog dial” for each unit Each unit of CD, MD, and tuner is equipped with a “jog dial”. You can easily set the clock set, timer set, etc., including the beginning and selection of CD songs, MD song selection, and tuner channel selection.

7. In addition to the 4BOX separate configuration, high-quality sound technology is adopted. The amplifier section, CD changer section, MD deck section, tuner section and each unit adopt an independent 4BOX separate structure. In addition, each unit emphasizes sound quality and has a pin cord connection. Moreover, the “source direct” circuit is carried in the amplifier part, and the quality of a full-scale single component is realized.

8. Equipped with a 3-way speaker that uses a center mount woofer Adopts a 3-way speaker system that covers from powerful deep bass to delicate and stretchy treble. A 17cm woofer is placed in the center of the speaker section, and the influence of standing waves that cause muddy sound is suppressed as much as possible in the mid-low frequency band emitted by the woofer section, resulting in a clearer sound that is more faithful to the original sound. Play.

Content adapted from: Sony Press Release

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