Sony MXD-D4


Name MXD-D4
Manufacturer Sony
Released 2000/12
Device type deck
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio No
Dimensions 430 x 120 x 290 mm
Weight 4.7KG
ATRAC ver 4.5
Power cable AC
Price (launch) $400
Inputs RCA in, Digital optical (TOSLINK), CD
Outputs 1/4 inch headphone, RCA out

MD/CD combo unit. Features MDLP and 4x speed CD to MD recording and is similar to the earlier MXD-D3 but with MDLP. It was available in USA, Canada, Europe and some Asian countries.

It was advertised as having the following features by Sony HK.

  • MD Long Time Recording
  • CD-to-MD High Speed Dubbing (2x/4x)
  • Wide Bit Stream Technology
  • ATRAC Version 4.5
  • Hybrid Pulse D/A Converter
  • El Transformer
  • Off-Centre Insulator Foot
  • 20-Bit A/D Converter
  • Digital Optical Input
  • Scale Factor Edit Recording
  • Digital Recording Level Control
  • CD Text & Text Transfer
  • Pitch Control
  • Independent Operation Keys for MD & CD
  • Independent 2-Line Display for MD & CD
  • Supplied with Remote Commander

CD drive will read CD-R.

When dubbing from CD with CD-Text, track titles are copied, but disc title isn't.

Content adapted from: page, Sony HK MXD-D4 product page (

This machine uses an “enhanced” MDM7-series drive, the MDM-7X2A. The CXD2662 DSP/ATRAC chip is clocked at 90.3168MHz (as opposed to 45.1584MHz in “normal” Type-R/MDLP machines using MDM7-series drives) in order to support the processing required for the 2x and 4x digital copies from the internal CD drive. This means if you have an MD drive fault, you can't just swap in an MDM7A from say an MDS-JE440. In addition, the usual 23-way ribbon is only 17-way (both still have the same 27-way ribbon too).

Since this is an MDM7-series drive, the same 17×0.8mm square load belt is used and probably needs replacing - see Sony MDM7-drive belt replacement. The CD drive also uses a rubber loading belt - this is approx 32mm diameter (114mm circumference) and 1.5mm square.

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