Sony Personal MD File "DATA EATA" PDF-V55


Name PDF-V55
Manufacturer Sony
Released 1996/01
Device type misc
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio No
Dimensions 264x341x75mm
Weight 2.4kg
Battery No
Sidecar battery No
Voltage 12
Power cable AC
Price (launch)
¥150 000

Upgraded version of the PDF-5. Had a slightly larger screen (10.4 inch, 480×640 monochrome STN)

Had a few optional accessories:

  • PDL-K3W PC-Link Kit - Cable to connect to Windows 95 PC, uses “Centronics Parallel Compliant Printer (Amphenol 36 pin)” (It lists the price at an absurd 50,000円!)
  • PDK-1P Printer Cable - Similar to the one on the PDF-5, allows the device to be used with compatible printers.
  • PDN-1P Handy Scanner - Handheld scanner, used for hard to scan items.
  • PDM-1P Prompter Attachment - Pretty much an angled mirror stand that lets you use it as a prompter.

Official release date couldn't be found, but estimated to be middle of 1998 or so.

Content adapted from: Japanese Blog with scans of fliers.

None Found.

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