Sony MZ-1


Name MZ-1
Manufacturer Sony
Released 1992/11
Device type portable
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio No
Dimensions 114w x 139h x 43d mm
Weight ~680g (with battery)
ATRAC ver 1
Battery BP-MZ1
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr) No
Voltage 10.5
Power cable Center positive
Price (launch) $750
¥92 000
Inputs 3.5mm line in (analog-only), 3.5mm microphone, Digital optical (TOSLINK)
Outputs 3.5mm line out (analog-only), 3.5mm headphone, Digital optical (TOSLINK)

The very first MiniDisc (MD) unit on the market. Rather bulky, it had a lot of on-device controls, which turns out to be very useful since this unit did not support remotes. It also had a front loader instead of the clamshell seen in later devices for inserting discs.

Not ideal as a player today. It's quite heavy and bulky, with poor battery life. It is also rather collectable (being the first recorder) and you can get a much more practical NetMD device for a lower price.

Display only lights up when plugged into AC power.

These days, the BP-MZ1s from the era are all dead. Currently, you can get 3D-printed shunts that allow this unit to be powered by modern lithium-ion 18650 cells.

Please see Modern Batteries for more information and links.

If using labels, do not use embossed (raised lettering) forms. They will get stuck when ejecting. It's a pain and a process to get the MD out, and will likely ruin the label.

MD Mechanism: MT-MZ1-106
Optical Pickup: KMS-130B

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Content adapted from: MZ-1 Page

Sony Design Gallery Page

Stereo Review 11-1992 (page 6)

vintage-audio-laser teardown

Test Mode on the Sony MZ-1:

With an AC cord unplugged and battery removed, short JR106 with a solder jumper. Plug in the AC cord, and the TEST mode will be activated. To deactivate the TEST mode, remove the solder jumper.

pinoy53, 2023/03/12 10:58
Got an offer to buy MZ1 with „eject“ message upon power up.
Is this potentially something that can be fixed ?
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