Sony MZ-E40 Top

Device ClassPortable (Walkman) Player
ReleasedJanuary 1997
Price (launch)¥30,000 (estimated) (~$250 USD at 1997 exchange)
InputsDC 4.5V
Outputs3.5mm headphones (no remote)
PowerAC-E45HG AC/DC 4.5V (center positive)
1x NiMH BP-DM20 battery
2x LR6/AA batteries
ATRAC versionATRAC 3.5 (CXD2536AR)
Dimensions129.9 x 24.5 x 79.4 mm
5¹/₈ x 1 x 3¹/₄ in
WeightE-20 170g (6.0 oz) (player only)
260g (9.2 oz) (including headphones, MD, and 2 LR6 batteries)
E-40 170g (6.0 oz) (player only)
300g (10.6 oz) (including headphones, MD, 2 LR6 batteries)

Sony MZ-E20/E40

Variants: Unit dubbed MZ-E20 in Europe and Canada and comes without the AC adapter. Also a bit lighter.

Apparently a US/Canada/Europe-only release.


Sony MZ-E40 Bottom

Sony MZ-E40 Front

Sony MZ-E40 Right

Sony MZ-E40 Left


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