Name MD-801RMK2
Manufacturer TASCAM
Device type pro
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio No
Dimensions 482 x 132 x 353 (mm)
Weight 8000
ATRAC ver 4.5
Sidecar battery
Voltage 100
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥2 699
Inputs RCA in, XLR in, Digital coaxial
Outputs 1/4 inch headphone, Digital coaxial
Control PS/2 keyboard, RS-232 serial

TASCAM MD-801RMKⅡ - replaced with the MD-CD1MKIII.

The MD-801RmkII is the ultimate MD Recorder, designed to meet the most demanding needs of professional theater and broadcast, yet still offer the flexibility to integrate with simple installations.

The MD-801RmkII offers thorough editing capability. This can be accomplished through the buttons on the front panel, or with a standard PC keyboard connected to the PS/2 port on the back.

A complete set of audio I/O on the back offer all the formats a professional needs for recording and playback. The analog output offers the additional ability to split the balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs into “cue” and “main” outputs, so you can check your cues easily before sending them to your mix. On the digital side, Word Clock In and Thru allow you to clock to another source on playback. This is key for integration into larger digital set-ups with a central clock source.

Several cueing functions on the MD-801RmkII make live productions easier:

- Auto Cue positions the machine to the first audio in an MD track, rather than the actual ID location. This eliminates dead space in the beginning of the track, allowing tighter cues for live shows or on-air environments.

- Auto Ready pauses the machine at each track ID. This is ideal for live environments, allowing the engineer to cue in one track and forget about the machine - it automatically sets itself at the next cue. Also, for presentation and on-air applications, this is ideal since the machine won't accidentally roll into the next cue on the MD.

- Call is used to return the machine to the cue where play began. This is useful for setting cue points in the middle of a track. Just press PLAY to check the cue, then press CALL to go reset back to the original cue point.

- Incremental Play will automatically advance to the next track when play is stopped.

A multitude of control ports allow the MD-801RmkII to be controlled by a variety of standards. The PS/2 keyboard port allows transport control and editing functions from a standard PC keyboard. The RS-232 port allows serial control from any number of automation/control systems. The parallel port allows for simple remotes and tallies, including Fader Start for integration with broadcast consoles. Click here for more information on external control of the MD-801RmkII.

The optional RC-8 and RC-801N remotes were specifically designed to work with the MD-801RmkII.

  • Balanced XLR I/O with Fine Calibration
  • Unbalanced RCA I/O
  • AES/EBU and SPDIF Coax Digital I/O
  • Word Sync In/Thru Ports
  • Auto Ready Function (Play One Track & Pause)
  • Auto Cue Function (Cue to First Audio in Track)
  • Call Function (Return to Last Cue Point)
  • Incremental Play (Advance to Next Track on Stop)
  • ±9.9% Pitch Control
  • Soft Mute Eliminates Clicks on Pause/Restart
  • Complete TOC and Song Editing Capabilities
  • Selectable SCMS Copy ID Modes
  • Built-In Clock for Time Stamped Recordings
  • PS/2 Keyboard Port for Easy Editing & Remote Control
  • Serial RS-232 & Parallel Control I/O
  • Optional BU-801 RAM Buffer for True Instant Start
  • Optional RC-8 & RC-801N Remotes
  • 3-U Rack Mountable MD Recorder
  • ATRAC v2, rev 4.5
  • High Quality 20 Bit A/D and D/A Converters
  • Headphone Output w/ Level Control
  • 74 Minute Stereo & 148 Minute Mono Record Modes
  • Complete TOC Editing for Changing Track Order

Content adapted from: Tascam product page Older Product Page Minidisc.org

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