Victor MX-MD700


Name MX-MD700
Manufacturer Victor
Released 1998/09
Device type bookshelf
Recorder Recorder
Radio Yes
Dimensions 245 (height) x 200 (width) x 337 (depth) mm
Weight 6500
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 100
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥117 000

1. All-in-one design to enjoy MD / CD / cassette tape

  • “3 MD changer” that slides up and makes it easy to take out the disc.
  • An easy-to-use “3 CD changer” with an independent tray.
  • Equipped with a fully automatic reverse “W cassette deck”.

2. Various editing functions to enjoy digital recording

  • “Best Hit REC” that records only one song from three CDs one after another. (CD → MD, CD → TAPE can be used)
  • “Triple REC” that records 3 CDs on 3 MDs on a one-to-one basis.
  • “Long REC” that records long-time broadcasts such as radio on three MDs in succession. (The sound is interrupted when changing discs)
  • “Listening Edit” allows you to easily program and record while listening to the song you want to record.

3. Enhanced functions for enjoying MD

  • Equipped with a “title remote control” that allows you to enter characters directly like a keyboard even during recording.
  • A new function “Title Reserve” that allows you to enter the song you plan to record in advance during recording.
  • Equipped with an “optical digital input terminal” and a “sampling rate converter”, digital recording from CS, BS broadcasting, etc. to MD is possible.

4. High-quality sound design to enjoy powerful sound

  • Equipped with “SA BASS” that realizes dynamic deep bass that is not affected by the volume position or the level of music software.
  • High power design with a total output of 160W.

<Other features of “MX-MD700”>

  1. 2BOX configuration with 3CD / 3MD digital part and receiver / tape analog part separated
  2. A 3-way speaker equipped with a “labyrinth aero port” that realizes powerful deep bass reproduction and a large-diameter 17 cm woofer.
  3. Operability is improved by adopting “Light Up JOG” exclusively for MD that glows blue.
  4. “Area guide & broadcasting station name display” function that automatically presets the broadcasting station when you enter the area code of the phone and also displays the station name
  5. “SOUND MODE” with 3 sound fields and 3 sound quality to choose from
  6. Equipped with “Karaoke mode” and microphone terminal, which are convenient for practicing karaoke
  7. Equipped with a super woofer terminal that further enhances the deep bass.

Content adapted from: Victor Press Release

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