Victor MX-WMD500


Name MX-WMD500
Manufacturer Victor
Released 1998/11
Device type bookshelf
Recorder Recorder
Radio Yes
Dimensions (Width) 245 x (Height) 345 x (Depth) 368 mm
Weight 9700
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 100
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥98 000
Inputs RCA in, CD, Tape deck

CA-MXWMD500 Is stamped on the main body.

1. Equipped with a double MD deck consisting of a “3 MD changer” for the first and re-recording of a 1-box minicomputer * and a “1 MD” for playback

  • When recording from MD to MD, text information such as title is also recorded at the same time.
  • A long-time MD playback of 4 discs is possible.
  • “Back recording function” that allows you to listen to another MD or external input while recording from a CD to an MD.
  • In cooperation with a 3-CD changer, 7 types of various MD recording / editing are possible.

2. Equipped with a “shining double JOG” and a large “action display” to graphically control MD editing functions

  • “Shining Double JOG”:
  • In addition to the conventional “Multi JOG”, “REC Control JOG” is also equipped. Flashes in blue to guide the operation, and 7 types of various MD recording / editing modes can be easily set.
  • Large “action display”:
  • A vivid 4-color display that displays various information pictograms in the central graphic display area. You can check the current recording / editing status at a glance.

3. Three-dimensional sound field effect by “double angle 4 peaker” and “new surround circuit”

  • “Double-angle 4-speaker” A 4-speaker configuration with two squawkers mounted on one speaker. A wide sound field is realized with a double-angle structure in which one of the squawkers is arranged at an angle outward.
  • “New surround circuit”: A new circuit that can be adjusted in 3 stages and has a remarkable surround effect is adopted. In addition, it is equipped with 7 types of “SOUND MODE” that can be set manually.

4. New function “MD Title Reserve” that can save title input time

  • During MD recording, you can enter the title of up to 16 songs to be recorded in advance.

5. “MD title remote control” with the same 10-key input method as mobile phones, which allows you to enter titles at hand

<* 7 types of various MD recording / editing modes>

  1. MD → MD
  2. CD → MD
  3. “Triple REC”: Continuous recording of 3 CDs on 3 MDs on a one-to-one basis
  4. “Best Hit REC”: Continuous recording of only the first song from 3 CDs to MD
  5. “Long REC”: Long-time recording on 3 MDs in a row from a long-time radio program (sound is interrupted when changing discs)
  6. “Listening EDIT (MD → MD)”: Easily program-record the song you want to record while listening to and checking the song
  7. “Listening EDIT (CD → MD)”: Easily program-record the song you want to record while listening to and checking the song

Content adapted from: Victor Press Release

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