Victor RC-MD50


Name RC-MD50
Manufacturer Victor
Released 1998/02
Device type bookshelf
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 100
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥65 000
Inputs 3.5mm line in (analog-only), CD
Outputs 3.5mm headphone

<Main features>

1. Equipped with powerful deep bass “Super Bass Pro”

  • High-power 20W output and high-quality sound design with a large 10cm full-range speaker.
  • Super Bass Pro“ that reproduces powerful deep bass.

2. “Vocal Plus” that allows you to play vocals clearly even during deep bass playback

3. Convenient functions to comfortably enjoy CDs, MDs, and tuners

  • “CD-MD double counter” that displays the elapsed time on the playback side (CD) and the remaining time on the recording side (MD) in real time when recording from a CD to an MD.
  • Titles can be input to the MD even during recording.
  • Easy-to-understand, easy-to-read, katakana character input / display.
  • “Auto title function” that automatically records the name of the broadcasting station when recording MD from the tuner.

4. “Experience surround mode” that you can enjoy according to your mood and music

  • With the built-in surround mode of LIVE / PHANTOM / EXCITE and the preset Glyco of POP / BEAT / CLEAR, you can enjoy music according to your mood and genre of the song.

5. Equipped with a “multi-jog dial” that allows easy and speedy character input, CD / MD song selection, radio channel selection, and clock / timer settings.

<Other features>

  1. FM / AM easy synth tuner, equipped with clock & timer with wake-up / answering machine / sleep function
  2. Various MD editing functions

  Editing function of 5 modes of JOIN / DIVIDE / MOVE / ERASE / ALL ERASE

  1. Easy-to-read large FL display (with spectrum analyzer display)
  2. Audio external input (AUX) 1 system)

Content adapted from: Victor Press Release

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