Victor MX-MD77


Name MX-MD77
Manufacturer Victor
Released 1997/02
Device type deck
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio Yes
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 100
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥117 000
Inputs CD

1. New function that allows you to easily and quickly input characters on MD

  • Equipped with a new function that allows you to input characters to MD from either Equipped with “MD title remote control” as standard equipment, alphabet, Not only numbers and symbols but also katakana can be directly input (character input time is about 1/3 compared to JOG dial method (compared to our company)).
  • Character input on the main unit can be used more easily. Equipped with “dedicated JOG dial”

2. High-quality sound design for enjoying digital sound with a high power of 160W in total 2BOX configuration that separates the digital part of 3CD / MD and the analog part of the receiver / tape Digital unit configuration that directly connects MD and CD enables digital high-quality sound recording Realization

  • Equipped with our original new heavy bass circuit “SA-BASS” Digital Adaptive BASS) (* 1)
  • Adopts a wood grain cabinet equipped with “NEW Labyrinth Port” that realizes powerful deep bass reproduction and a large diameter 17 cm woofer 3WAY speaker

3. Various editing functions for enjoying digital recording

  • I want to record, recording only the first song of an 8cm CD from three CDs one after another. “LISTENING EDIT” that allows you to easily program and record while listening to a song (CD → MD only)
  • “Ichioshi REC” that allows you to record an entire CD with a single touch (CD → MD, CD → TAPE available)

4. Equipped with a fully automatic W reverse cassette deck that allows you to use your existing cassette tape as it is and dubbing the tape.

  • Equipped with Dolby B noise reduction that reduces the hiss noise of the tape.

Content adapted from: Victor Press Release

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