Victor NX-MD3

Name NX-MD3
Manufacturer Victor
Released 1996/03
Device type deck
Recorder Recorder
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 100
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥125 000
Inputs Digital optical (TOSLINK), CD

1. High-quality recording /   playback by digital direct connection of the industry's first MD / CD1 unit structure-The  MD and CD sections are combined into one unit, and the MD / CD is directly   connected minimizing conversion loss and connection distance. Achieves high-quality sound recording from CD to MD.  ・ The 2BOX configuration that   separates reduces mutual interference and realizes high-quality sound reproduction.

2. Achieves high power and high sound quality comparable to high-end models despite the small size of the high component mini type. ・Equipped with  the largest comprehensive 100W high   power .  -The speaker uses a hard dome tweeter that emphasizes speed and a high-rigidity woofer with   good . In addition, the “   dynamic realizes good bass reproduction.

3. Large-scale centralized display and menu-type cursor   control  -During CD-MD edit recording, the remaining MD recording time and CD   program the MD's Recording without waste is possible according to the remaining time.  -Equipped with the industry's first   preset . (5 titles for factory presets and 15 titles for manual   memory presets.)  -Equipped with an automatic recording function for broadcasting station names on MDs that utilizes the broadcasting station name display function.  -Equipped with a CD-MD all-track Ichi-press recording key and one-track Ichi-press recording key.

4. Layout-free compact 2BOX configuration and   new

Content adapted from: Victor Press Release

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