Victor XM-F3

Name XM-F3
Manufacturer Victor
Released 1995/09
Device type deck
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio No
Weight 3.4kg (including original box)
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 100
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥89 800

1. High-quality sound design that realizes “emotional” music playback

  • CD player equipped with “20-bit K2 processing” (see the note below)
    • Achieves highly musical playback with the veil removed from conventional CD players.
  • Adopting “solid walnut” cabinet Speakers Not only have high musicality, but also used in high-end furniture, etc. Solid walnut is used for cabinets such as baffle boards.
  • “Spider suspension” with excellent low-level linearity (see note below)
  • “Copper-plated chassis” “Gold-plated pin terminals” “High-quality sound parts”

  The chassis products of this series, excluding speakers, are distorted due to electrical induction. “Copper-plated chassis” is fully adopted to reduce the problem.

2. "Simple functions" and "system operation" focused on music playback 
-Achieves excellent operability by narrowing down the necessary functions from the standpoint of actual use and enlarging the keys that are frequently used. 
-By connecting to "Compullink", "press playback", "synchronization recording", "timer recording / replay", etc. are   possible, and all units can be operated with the total remote control attached to the amplifier.
  1. 3. The “compact size” that fits in the living space and the soft glossy body design chassis unit realizes a width of 245 cm and a depth of about 300 cm regardless of the installation location. Warm champagne gold aluminum front panel
  1. 4. Sold separately where you can select only the units you need High-quality sound design that reproduces “emotional” music

<20-bit K2 processing> In order to realize more faithful music playback, the original analog music signal is assumed from the input 16-bit digital code and regenerated with 20-bit accuracy. Digital signal processing technology jointly developed with Victor Entertainment.

<Spider Suspension> A diaphragm holding technology that is rarely used these days due to its inferior mass production efficiency, although it has been widely used in speakers that are said to be famous because of its good sound. Compared to the cloth corrugation dampers that are widely used today, the linearity with respect to the amplitude of the Bakelite material is excellent, and low-level high-resolution reproduction is possible.

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Content adapted from: Victor Press Release

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