Victor XM-V1-N


Name XM-V1-N
Manufacturer Victor
Released 1996/03
Device type deck
Recorder Recorder
NetMD No
Hi-MD No
Radio No
Battery notes
Sidecar (depr)
Voltage 100
Power cable
Price (launch)
¥168 000

The same system was sold in Japan under the Victor brand name and the system was simply called HMV (His Masters Voice). The model names were also different: AX-V1 amplifier, XL-V1-N cd player, TD-V1-N cassette deck and SX-V1A-M compact loudspeaker. Additionally there was available the SX-V7-M floorstander loudspeaker, QL-V1-M Quartz Direct Drive turntable and a later introduced and very rare MD-recorder the XM-V1-N.

1. Thorough “20-bit digital” configuration from the entrance to the exit   Equipped with digital/analog conversion and digital input/output that   maximizes the 20-bit input/output of the ATRAC IC at the heart

  ・20-bit 128 times oversampling 1-bit A/D converter installed   ・20-bit digital Input   /output Equipped with 20bit DD converter

2.   Adopting “5 block construction” and “2 power transformers” that thoroughly suppresses mutual interference between digital and analog and realizes advanced musicality   ・Digital part / digital signal processing part / analog part / display & system    control Interference-free layout   Digital and analog dedicated power transformers installed

3. Equipped with 2 systems of digital input corresponding to 3 sampling frequencies   ・Equipped with digital input capable of recording    a wide range   ・Equipped with 2 systems of digital input and multiple digital source devices can be connected

<Other features>

1. Copper plated chassis2 . 3. High rigidity “arc shell chassis” . Extension shaft type recording volume that achieves the shortest signal path design 4. 3-point foot and power transformer placed directly above the foot 5. 6.Extremely thick mechanical stand made of machined brass . All Discrete Lineout Buffer7 . 8. The FL display can be turned on/off with the remote control . Katakana character input/display & multi-jog dial9 . Easy and reliable My Disk editing function. Equipped with 5 editing functions

Content adapted from: Victor Press Release Victor XM-V1-N

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