Web MiniDisc Pro is a progressive web app (PWA) built using netmd-js (a port of the earlier linux-minidisc project to TypeScript), React, and WebUSB. It runs entirely inside your own web browser with no remote processing (unless you choose to use the Remote Encoder).

Cybercase (Stefano Brilli) developed the original Web MiniDisc. The current Web MiniDisc Pro fork is developed by asivery with help from numerous others.

Newer, undocumented features are provided using the netmd-exploits library. Accessing a NetMD device over a network is provided via Renote NetMD.

The MiniDisc Wiki hosts Web MiniDisc Pro using Azure Blob Storage and GitHub Actions. A standalone application using the Electron framework is available, called ElectronWMD.

Only the https://web.minidisc.wiki URL is official, with betas hosted at https://testing.minidisc.wiki.

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