Song recognition

As of version 1.3.0, Web MiniDisc Pro has Shazam integration to identify and title tracks using audio fingerprints.

Select “Song Recognition” from the overflow menu. A dialog box will popup.

See the Recording or downloading tracks section above for detail about line-in versus exploits mode.

Song recognition requires either a userscript or the ElectronWMD app, due to CORS website security.

Clicking “userscript” from the dialog box will not work without the Tampermonkey browser extension, available in the Chrome and Edge add-on stores. The built-in Chrome userscript engine will not work.

With Tampermonkey installed, click the “userscript” link. A new window will open with detail about the script. Click “install”.

Refresh the page and reconnect the MD recorder.

Select the tracks to be recognized by Shazam. Choose the tite format with the drop-down box in the top right.

Click “recognize” in the bottom right. Web MiniDisc Pro will fetch new track information from Shazam using a snippet of the audio (either from line-in or from homebrew download mode):

Click “Apply new titles” to write the title from the right column to the MiniDisc.

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