Web MiniDisc Pro has been heavily tested, especially on the most common devices. Some issues or errors may still occur.

When reporting an issue or bug, you may be asked to show the browser console. The console shows information, errors, and progress that is useful for finding issues.

To open the JS console, press Ctrl-Shift-i to open the developer console, then choose “Console”.

This is usually a battery issue. Writing to a MD is battery-intensive, so it is recommended to use an AC adapter or fresh battery when writing.

1.2V NiMH rechargable batteries may have a shorter life than 1.5V alkaline or lithium disposable batteries.

This is a fairly generic error and can mean a number of things have gone wrong with Web MiniDisc's handling of the disc.

Check the power delivery (see above) and try another disc. If it continues, please report the issue to the developers.

Similar to above, this means that there is an issue reading the ToC on the disc.

Check the power delivery (see above) and try another disc. If it continues, please report the issue to the developers.

If tracks recorded or ToC changes are missing after reloading or removing the disc, the two most common causes are:

  • ToC not being written
  • Write head issue

The ToC may not be written correctly if the battery is low or if the device was disconnected while writing the ToC (“PC→MD” or “ToC edit” flashing on screen). In this case, try again with a fresh battery and a different disc. If the issue repeat, see below.

A disc may appear to be written in the recorder's memory but not write to disc. This means that there is an issue with the write head on the recorder. Try recording using the built in audio input (if not a download-only model) to see if all recording has this issue.

If it is a write head issue, check our guides section to see if there is a repair guide.

Early NetMD equipment such as the MZ-N505 or MZ-N707 can have issues connecting to computers with MacOS or Linux. Windows is not affected.

This is likely due to a bug in the USB firmware of R1.100 devices. There is no fix known.

This is a USB error. It likely means that Web MiniDisc Pro cannot take exclusive control of the recorder, due to another application or virtual machine.

Try closing all other programs or restarting the computer.

Likely deck or bookshelf exclusive, this error has been seen on Sony LAM equipment.

Some Mac models (such as the M1 Mac Mini) have reported issues when devices are connected via the USB-A ports. A USB-C to USB-A adapter may work better.

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