Analog Electronic Whatever - Dots and Wobbles


Date 2020/03/07
Label Beetawave Records
Catalog BW6
Genre Synth-Pop
Recording Type

Dots and Wobbles - Analog Electronic Whatever


Since Year Dot
1. Electric Car
2. Powder
3. Surf Radio
4. S.K.A.T.E
5. Natural Eyez
6. You Never Did
7. Mickeys In Drugs
8. Buzzers & Bells
9. Frozen Milk 77
10. European Home
More Right Than Wobble
11. How To Fly
12. E4 Tomorrow
13. Crazyheads
14. We Can Radiate
15. More And More
16. Haus Haus (Rock'n"Roll)
17. People Are Legion
18. The Owl Service
19. Pure Love
20. Fly Me To The Moon

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