qualchan. - Goodbye to All That


Date 2019/08/02
Label Houdini Mansions
Recording Type

Track list:

1. blowback.
2. hand me the keys.
3. do they even dance in cologne?
4. standing outside passionate dreams smoking a cigarette while waiting on the 72.
5. yeah man, fireworks.
6. swimming at night.
7. camry 95.
8. slowly swaying trees.
9. catching the last ferry from anacortes.
10. two cans of wine.
11. fighting through the nod.
12. how much are cloves these days?
13. dusting through dallas.
14. blast that a/c.
15. oh it's four am already?
16. alone at a house party.
17. a quick smoke.
18. shelly duvall.
19. earth music.
20. slouching towards burnside.
21. s/o to the guy who rammed his bike into a bus.
22. pch jam.
23. break it down.
24. the lonesome bodybuilder.
25. is that aqua di gio?
26. last generation.
27. deep in that wave.
28. always climbing the mountain.
29. by candlelight.
30. 86'd.
31. reading the scum manifesto on the max while a woman stares at me.
32. i guess we'll never know how the second part would have ended.
33. clouds.
34. thank god for that truck.
35. just a few inches closer.
36. back to back.
37. walking the promenade.
38. y'all asked for the old me, well okay, here i am.
39. four pills & a few sips.
40. taking a trip to the coast.
41. end of the session.

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