Tim Koch - Mine Is Yours


Date 2002/10/10
Label n5MD
Catalog MD107
Genre IDM
Recording Type Playback Only

Track list:

1 Pem– Orteip (Espresso Destruction Remix)
2 Tim Koch– Bananalution (Sine Horns Remix)
3 Suvome– Movie Part 1 (Feet On The Seats Remix)
4 Lawrence English– Room40 (Broken English Remix)
5 Brunatex– The City (All Three Senses Remix)
6 Mr. Eel– Snap Down Dynamic (Timenap Dynamo Remix)
7 Fourplay (2)– Meshugganah (Methugganah Remix)
8 Proem– Early Rings (Late Night Pick Up Window Remix)
9 Marumari– Super Botany (Botanic Soup Remix)
10 Lackluster– Cull Streak (Dull Streaker Remix)
11 Hrvatski– Attn:cats (Funtitled Remix)
12 Dial– What Can You Offer (Press Play On Tape Remix)
13 Codec– Vast (Vast Pies And Vast Pasties Remix)
14 MD– 10 (Thug's Bicycle Repair Remix)
15 Skoop– 2-inch Cut (Panty Raider Remix)

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