TUPPERWAVE - Baby, I miss you


Date 2019/09/23
Label My Pet Flamingo
Genre future funk, post-vaporwave, chillwave, simpsonwave, synthwave
Recording Type

Track list:

1. Wasted Time
2. Don't Break My Heart (ft. MELTNET)
3. We Were Dancing
4. Paradise Ocean Club (ft. ED.)
5. Gatsby Girl
6. Got The Lovin' (ft ΛDRIΛNWΛVE)
7. Pursuit (ft DUCAT)
8. No One Does It Better (ft. UNI DELUXE)
9. Imagine (ft. Mélonade)
10. Loving You
11. She's Got Everything
12. Distance
13. Happy (ft. Dan Mason)
14. Valse (ft. TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL)
15. The Last Day (ft. 猫 シ Corp.)

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