Sony MZ-R2 Front/Top

Device ClassPortable (Walkman) Recorder
ReleasedDecember 1993 (Japan)
April 1994 (US)
Price (launch)¥85,000 (estimated) (~$750 USD at 1993 exchange)
InputsDigital Optical In (3.5mm)
3.5mm stereo line in
3.5mm Microphone
Outputs3.5mm headphones(with remote)
Line Out
PowerACP-MZ60A AC/DC 6V (center positive)
1x Li-Ion LIP-12 battery
3x LR6/AA battery (with battery case)
1x CR2025 (for clock)
ATRAC versionATRAC 2
Dimensions84.0 x 29.9 x 106.8 mm
3¹/₃ x ¹¹/₁₆ x 4¹/₅ in
Weight310g (10.9 oz) (including LIP-12 rechargeable battery)

Sony MZ-R2

Features: ATRAC 2. 10-second shock-resistant memory. Stereo headphones w/remote.

Only allows simple editing operations: track mark, track erase and end search (no track move or titling). Bass boost. Battery life indicator. AGC and manual recording level.

AC adapter, carrying case included.

Cannot manually change recording level during recording. No mono recording, no smart-space.

The MZ-R2's optical block (and those of other older machines) have been known to fail. A few readers have investigated the problem and been able to repair older units.


Sony MZ-R2 Rear/Bottom

Sony MZ-R2 Side Connections and battery port Sony MZ-R2 Bottom Controls

Sony MZ-R2 Front Record Controls, closed Sony MZ-R2 Front Record Controls, open


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