Sony MZ-R37 top

Device ClassPortable (Walkman) Recorder
ReleasedMarch 1999
Price (launch)¥36,000 (estimated?) (~$300 USD at 1999 exchange)
Inputs3.5mm Line-In / Optical
DC 4.5V
Outputs3.5mm (with remote)
Line Out
PowerDC 4.5V (center positive)
2x LR6/AA battery (Alkaline)
2x NC-AA NiCd batteries)
ATRAC version ATRAC 4.0 (IC: 2652AR)
Dimensions116.8 x 18.5 x 86.1 mm
4⅝ x ¾ x 3½ in
Weight160g (5.6 oz) (220g (7.8 oz) w/disc and 2 LR6/AA batteries)

Sony MZ-R37

Variants: There is an MZ-R37SP (Self-Powered?) that has slightly longer battery life.

MZ-R37PCIF version is the same base MZ-R37 unit bundled with a USB to analog line-out interface adapter (reportedly made by Xitel), allowing easy recording from a PC.


Sony MZ-R37 bottom

Sony MZ-R37 front controls

Sony MZ-R37 side controls

Sony MZ-R37 DC in

Sony MZ-R37


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