Equipment with MD export functionality

This page lists devices that are known to support faster than real time backups of MiniDiscs, either via USB to a PC or other means (USB A port, SD card)

To add a device to this list, please check the manual for a device. If it supports exporting a disc, check the “Export” option in the page's data fields.

PageRelease dateDevice type
Clarion PP-4084K2004/10auto
Clarion HC705-A2005/07auto
Clarion MAX940HD2004/06auto
Clarion MAX950HD2005/06auto
Clarion MAX960HD2006/06auto
Clarion MAX9700DT2007/06auto
Clarion QZ-4010Nauto
Clarion V940HD2004/06auto
Kenwood RD-UDA55bookshelf
Kenwood RD-UDA772006/10bookshelf
Kenwood RMD-NDL1002007/03bookshelf
Onkyo FR-N7FX2008/09bookshelf
Onkyo FR-N7XXbookshelf
Onkyo FR-N9FX2008/12bookshelf
Onkyo FR-N9NX2011/08bookshelf
Panasonic SC-PM710SD2005/04bookshelf
Panasonic SC-PM730SD2006/04bookshelf
Sony CMT-AH102005/05bookshelf
Sony MZ-RH1 / MZ-M2002006/04portable
Victor CA-NXTC5bookshelf
Victor CA-UXQM3bookshelf
Victor NX-TC52009/08bookshelf
Victor UX-GM772008/07bookshelf
Victor UX-QM72006/09bookshelf
Victor UX-Z22008/11bookshelf
Victor RD-M22006/09boombox
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