Managing tracks

Click on a track to select it. The disc title will be replaced with options. After selecting one track, you can select more tracks by clicking them.

Left to right, these options are:

  • selection - dash = some tracks are selected; tick = all tracks selected
  • record - real-time recording to PC using the line output (see below)
  • delete - remove the track from the disc
  • group - place sequential tracks in a group (see below) (disabled when non-sequential tracks selected)
  • rename - change the title of a track (disabled when multiple tracks selected)

Use the 6 dot “grip” on the left of each track to move them up and down the ToC.

If many options are disabled, the disc may be write-protected. Check the write-protect tab on the disc (open = writable; closed = protected)

Web MiniDisc Pro supports the MiniDisc's Group feature. Groups are supported by most MiniDisc players, but will still play on older ones.

Groups do not work like playlists. Grouped tracks must be consecutive. Multiple groups are supported, but not nested groups. Groups are often used for separate albums (one group for each) or chapters for audiobooks (one group for each chapter.)

Select the tracks you wish to include in your group. Then select the Group button:

To remove a group, click the trash can icon. The group will be removed but the tracks will remain.

TOC changes such as groups do not save until you press “Stop” and/or disconnect the USB cable.

Web MiniDisc Pro supports full-width characters, especially Japanese kanji. To enable full-width support in Web MiniDisc Pro, use the Overflow menu and toggle the “Enable full-width title editing” option.

All title editing popups will show two fields:

  • half-width characters such as the Latin alphabet and some kana
  • full-width characters such as kanji and other kana

The full-width title option is also available when copying tracks.

Full-width entries use a separate entry that is only shown on a Kanji-capable device (such as a remote) - otherwise the half-width field is shown. MiniDisc uses Shift JIS encoding for titles.

Half-width titles are still shown on low resolution screens (i.e. the on device screen of the MZ-N920) even if the device itself supports full-width remotes.

More information on GitHub

Web MiniDisc Pro has two ways to copy tracks on a MD back to the PC: recording and downloading. The Sony MZ-RH1 also allows downloads similar to the exploits method below.

“Recording” plays the track via the 3.5mm output, which you connect to the Mic or Line In on your computer. The device will play the track(s) into your PC, which you record using audio software such as Audacity. See our MD to PC guide.

This requires a Supported NetMD Device.

“Downloading” uses reverse-engineered features in netmd-exploits to copy the ATRAC files from the MD as downloadable files. Not all equipment supports this. To enable downloading, choose “Enable Homebrew mode ripping in main UI” from the Overflow Menu.

Once this is enabled, the “record” option in the app will be replaced with “download” - which will read the selected tracks and download ATRAC or ATRAC3 files via the browser. Also see Converting ATRAC files to other formats if needed.

This feature is experimental and may have errors or issues. Please contact the development team to report bugs.

If you select multiple tracks, all will be played for recording or downloaded. Most browsers will show a warning before downloading multiple files.

To sample a track while connected to Web MiniDisc Pro, use the playback buttons at the bottom of the screen.

These buttons control the playback on compatible devices, and are hidden on incompatible ones. The playback comes through the device's own 3.5mm or RCA jack.

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